Kookaburra's Festival Card.

Kookaburra's a member of the Roadkill faction, a loose association of semi-serious racers which also includes members Flameboy, Big Blue, and Bueno. These guys are all pretty good, but for some reason no-one remembers their names...
"This time's the charm..." - Kookaburra
- Festival Card #027
Kookaburra is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, and the first character that the player starts off as in Wreckreation (if the player somehow forgets about, or lacks knowledge of, changing their character). He is also a member of a semi-serious racing group Roadkill.


Kookaburra wears a predominantly white-and-yellow racing suit, complete with a racing helmet. His most prominent sponsors on his racing suit are "North South", "Zero", and "Fiestung Parts". Because of his helmet, most of his head/hairstyle and face are covered. Judging by what's revealed in his Card information, he doesn't seem to have any major burn or scar marks on his body, though his suit may be hiding those.


Kookaburra's vehicles are painted in an orange-gold and bright yellow Candy Paint, with a white 'spikey' Vinyl down the sides. The overall livery of Kookaburra's vehicles seem to be intended to match his highly visible racing suit. Predominant sponsors include RS Auto Accessories.

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Concept art of kookaburra


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