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The M-SUV.

The Atlas M-SUV is a Monster Truck featured in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

It is only available by purchasing the Speed Expansion Pack. This custom monster also features a jet engine installed in the rear of the vehicle, similar to the Patriot Minuteman.


The M-SUV is a huge, intimidating vehicle that resembles an extensively modified Hummer H1. It also bears a resemblance to its stablemates, the Jackhammer and the Pacifier.


  • This Monster Truck is the first of its class in the MotorStorm series to use dual tires (like a one-off version of the original Bigfoot), rather than one large tire on each corner of the axles.
  • If damaged enough, its entire back half can fall off, unveiling its massive jet engine underneath.
  • The rear license plate on the back of the purple design reads BOOST.
  • Though it bears almost no resemblance to one, the name may be a play on the Oshkosh M-ATV.
  • The bomb design is extremely similar to an Apocalypse sticker. Also, the jet engine has the same bomb as shown on the angel winged man's red shirt and is probably directly underneath that exact same bomb.