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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 25 December 2019

R.I.P MotorStorm Apocalypse :(

Well, it's official. I know I'm VERY late to this, but as of 27/08/2018 (again I'm VERY late) the MSA servers have been shut down, meaning it is officially impossible to play with friends online on any MotorStorm game (MSRC doesn't count as it is just beating times and not mutliplayer racing). It also means that you can no longer unlock any vehicles to customise in MSA since it was all done online, so if you were to just buy it now then you would be stuck with the default vehicles of each class. Not only this, but it now means MSRC is the only game left which is still possible to platinum, and I'm sure that game will follow suit very soon. It really is sad when you think about it, this game series is well and truly fading into history... :…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 15 December 2019

Fanon Vehicle: Patriot Trident GTR

The Patriot Trident GTR is a fanonical supercar created by JustAlex93.

Developed in the mid-1990s for the 1997 GT Championship, the Trident GTR is a grand tourer racing car. Though named after the Trident roadster, it had no mechanical relationship to the production car, instead only sharing minor styling points.

The higher-ups of Patriot, wanting to keep an American-style design, insisted for the car to be based on the Trident roadster in one way or another. As a result, the Trident GTR became unique in comparison to European counterparts in that, like the Trident roadster, the engine is located in front of the cockpit. However, the engine is placed midship in the car behind the front axle, giving it unusual proportions, including a large nos…

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The Cherrybomber The Cherrybomber 9 December 2019

Fanon Vehicle: Ozutsu Tomy

The Ozutsu Tomy is an championship and constructors title winning supercar designed by a tuning company specializing in creating turbocharged Ozutsu race cars. The main body of the car is made of fiberglass, with some light carbon fiber. Drivers of the car are advised to avoid vehicular combat and rough terrains at all costs. 

The car raced in the 1983 Fuji 1000km, finishing first in class, being represented by Solomie Ozutsu Tuner Works, a well known Japanese Ozutsu tuner, specializing in turbocharging small engines. The car's powerplant is a twin turbo 2.3L inline four, with both turbos being 80 milimeters in size, and producing 65 psi of boost, at the cost of having severe turbo lag. Originally, the car produced 640 brake horsepower, des…

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JustAlex93 JustAlex93 9 December 2019

Fanon Vehicle: Italia CRV

The Italia CRV is a fanonical rally car created by JustAlex93.

The CRV (short for Composite Racing Vehicle) is an experimental Group S rally car named for and developed with components made of a composite of Kevlar and carbon fibre. The use of these materials, especially in the chassis, was a means of saving weight and adding strength, making the car both durable and as light as a feather.

The CRV's powerplant is a 600bhp twin-turbo Inline-4 racing engine with crossed valves (for each side of the cylinder, there's an intake and exhaust valve) so that the turbochargers could be fed with two separate manifolds. The turbos would work at different speeds. At lower speeds, only one turbo would be active, but the second would engage at higher speeds. For…

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Luminex175 Luminex175 15 March 2019


Hello everyone. I recently completed my MotorStorm collection with Pacific Rift. I can't get Arctic Edge on my console, so its ommited. Here are my ratings:

Apocalypse: 9 from 10

Motorstorm: 3 from 10

Pacific Rift: 8 and a half from 10

Feel free to rate them in the comments!

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StingerTheRaven StingerTheRaven 1 February 2019

My ideal MotorStorm remaster

It's been ten-and-a-half years since the release of Pacific Rift, and eight years since Apocalypse. Seven since RC. I think you get the point; MotorStorm is old news now, and a rather saddening tale.

But what if someone took up the reins and revived it?

Under a hypothetical developer's guise, a MotorStorm: Pacific Rift remaster has been announced, promising a rework beyond the original game. The ambitious developer has not only promised all of the content of the original game, including all unlicensed DLC content on-disk at launch, and even additions to it, but has gone so far as to include the content of MotorStorm: Monument Valley as well, with some vehicle liveries cut due to quality concerns.

For a basic rundown of the base game's content…

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 22 December 2017

MotorStorm 6 Complete Vehicle List

Hi guys,

Just letting my imagination run wild again. It's nice to sit and daydream about what could've been for MS6, so continuing my series of MS6 blog posts, I've decided to add a complete vehicle list including the ones I suggested in my Vehicle Ideas post, and also show when and how they are unlocked. (Some classes are quite extensive, I'm sure no one wants 30+ buggies in one game lol).

  • 1 Vehicle List
    • 1.1 Dirt Bikes
    • 1.2 Super Bikes
    • 1.3 Choppers
    • 1.4 ATVs
    • 1.5 Buggies
    • 1.6 Superminis
    • 1.7 Rally Cars
    • 1.8 Super Cars
    • 1.9 Muscle Cars
    • 1.10 Racing Trucks
    • 1.11 Mud Pluggers
    • 1.12 Big Rigs
    • 1.13 Monster Trucks
  • 2 Default Vehicles
    • 2.1 Dirt Bikes
    • 2.2 Super Bikes
    • 2.3 Choppers
    • 2.4 ATVs
    • 2.5 Buggies
    • 2.6 Superminis
    • 2.7 Rally Cars
    • 2.8 Super Cars
    • 2.9 Muscle Cars
    • 2.10 Racing Trucks
    • 2.11 Mud Pluggers
    • 2.12 Big Rigs
    • 2.1…

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 4 July 2017

MotorStorm lives on in BeamNG

I've spent many months on this project.

MotorStorm has, for whatever the hell reason, left a lasting impact on me. The entire idea of the "festival" surrounding a group of insane rally drivers enraptures me. 

But seeing as how Evolution is finished with MotorStorm, I wanted to keep the spirit of the festival going. So I've been making numerous maps in that attempt to recapture the spirit of the MotorStorm festival. 

Only of these maps is "finished" enough to be worth looking at. 

It is named "Conquistador Gorge." There are two variations:

Daytime - Basically arctic edge in an entire map.

Night - In this version of the map, I've really tried to recreate Apocalypse's "The Rock" at night. Flashing colors, bright lights, crowds, and an …

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 25 June 2017

Remaking old MS skins in BeamNG

gonna make a few of these to compliment a BeamNG map I've been working on. Have a Numskull supermini ->

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 18 January 2017

Is anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?

Chuck?... Dune?... Phen?... Where are you guys?

I still check back here once in a while, I'm sure you've all moved on with your lives now (as have I really) but it would be great to reconnect with you guys on PSN at some point. Since Codemasters hired most of Evolution Studios, could MS6 be in the works after all? I still truely hope so, but if not, so be it. I'm sure I'm just talking to myself right now, and you guys will probably never post on here again, but if you ever do, drop me a message and we can have a game sometime on PS4, maybe form a crew on The Crew like we said we'd do.

Peace out dudes, may we meet on MotorStorm once again.


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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 16 August 2016

Real Life MotorStorm Festival

'Nuff said. 

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 2 June 2016

I Don't Need Evo To Make MotorStorm

I've been playing BeamNg.Drive for quite a while now and I've gotten myself drilled into the map creation aspect of the game (which is really rather difficult to figure out how to get to work).

Basically, I decided to try and make a MotorStorm track myself in BeamNG. I've been working on this map for a total of 42 hours now, tweaking and altering every aspect of it to get it to mimic Pacific Rift's Earth/Water Zone tracks as closely as possible. Of course, BeamNG is a physics engine and the cars aren't even remotely as "arcade" as MotorStorm's were. Regardless, here's current progress on the map I call "Treeclimber":

Imgur link because it takes too long to upload all the pictures here:

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 11 April 2016

phoenix from the ashes etc

Evo devs join Codemasters to create new studio and IP

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 30 March 2016

R.I.P MotorStorm, R.I.P Evolution :'(

I'm sure you guys have all heard, but Sony have decided to officially close Evolution Studios once and for all. So basically all hopes of a PS4 MotorStorm are gone (not that there was a lot anyway) and also it may mean no more support for DriveClub :( So many memories were made in the Festivals of Monument Valley, the Pacific and at the end of the World. And not only that but also many memories were had on the Rally stages of PS2 WRC, long before I discovered MotorStorm! You were such a great company Evo, not only did you create legendary, atmospheric and addictive games, but you were also a studio full of great guys who clearly showed a firey passion for making games. May your careers be filled with great opportunities in the future

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 28 December 2015

Even the Tumbleweeds have stopped rolling here!

This wiki man, she was a blast. I completely forgot about her. Looking back through this place... wow it is a trip down memory lane. 

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 26 September 2015


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Stealthfighter Stealthfighter 26 July 2015

Survey created for Stormers

Hey everyone! Just you all know that I've created a survey for us Stormers on It's The Ultimate Motorstorm Survey, and I put on their public page.

If would like to stuff on it changed, i.e. more questions,or problems fixed, just let me know in comments.
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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 2 January 2015

featured things for when we take down the crimbo decorations

Nominate articles you want to see on the front page flipper/rotating thing (make sure it has a good photo to match it)

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 25 December 2014

It's Christmastime in Hollis, Queens...'s cooking chicken and collard greens

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 12 December 2014


I actually liked the MSA soundtrack #dontjudgeme

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 24 October 2014

lawd jebus

Micro Machines is coming back sort of

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 7 October 2014

Driveclub is getting lambasted

...still looks flippin' gorge tho which to be brutal was kind of the point all along wasn't it

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 27 September 2014

on the topic of old Sony racing games reappearing

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 13 August 2014

MotorStorm 6 Trophy Ideas

Hey guys,

Here are my trophy ideas for MS6, I'm making it a very tough Platinum so that you have to work towards it with skill and patience and so the trophies are a lot more rewarding (Tmi eat your heart out). Oh and there's also trophy unlocked vehicles of course (Again, Tmi eat your heart out).

A True Warrior - Unlock every trophy. (Platinum) *Unlocks Springbok Goliath and Patriot Surger*

Welcome back to the Wild. - Complete your first Festival Race. (Hidden Trophy, Bronze)

Haha... No seriously, Hire Me. - Beat all 325 original developer ghosts in Time Attack. (Silver) *Unlocks Beelzebuggy Carabid*

Time Attack Fanatic - Spend a total of 5 hours in Time Attack. (Bronze) *Unlocks Wombat Hurricane*

Newb lol - Wreck 10 times in one race. (Hidden Tro…

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 29 July 2014

What's your favourite MotorStorm song?

In the comments, go.

Mine is a draw between two. I simply can't choose one because each of them fit their respective games perfectly. I love every MotorStorm song, but if I had to narrow it down then these are my 2 number ones:

Monument Valley: Hyper - Hot Rockin'

Pacific Rift: Hadouken! - Liquid Lives (Noisia Instrumental Remix)

So what's your favourite?

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 16 July 2014

MotorStorm 6 Background Menu Cinematic Ideas

Hey guys,

Don't mind me, just sat here letting my imagination run wild again. I have an absolutely crystal clear vision of the menu system & cinematics of MS6, so I'm just gonna write them here.

(Again, W.I.P so I will add more)

  • The camera pans across the beach at night time, there are various campfires and parked vehicles with a proper beach party vibe in the air, the camera then follows a Beelzebuggy Spaceframe II and a Lunar-Tec Treefrog as they race up the sand dunes at the back of the beach. The camera is following close behind them and as they reach the brow of the dune, the huge festival is revealed off in the distance, with hundreds of vehicles racing down the dunes and across Leopard Skull Plains towards the festival. (Note: This wou…

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 14 July 2014

A Return to These Parts

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 7 July 2014

The moment when you realise...

...That the newest MotorStorm-related content to be released was released over 2 years ago. :(

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BigRig2Beast BigRig2Beast 1 May 2014

Racing against player made vehicles

Hey guys, (long no see but, then again my last edit was on the Gold Rims DLC, I just for the life of me never sign in...) ANYWAYS, I thought of a new feature that would be (I think) a pretty little neat feature for motorstorm 6. In Wreckrecreation, being able to choose your OWN customized vehicles as opponents as well as standard C.P.U.'s you normally race in the game. Call me weird, but I always wanted to race against, wreck/be wrecked by my own custom vehicles in my own custom races(as well as standard races). In addition to choosing what kind of vehicles(bikes, buggies etc.) and how many vehicles you want to race against just like in Pacific Rift.

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 25 April 2014

References are awesomesauce


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Jrosproy092800 Jrosproy092800 30 March 2014

Hey guys! It's Steakex111, now I am Jrosproy092800 because I forgot my password and had to create a new account.

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 13 March 2014

We Still Doing the Crew?

Once it finally comes out, we still planning on hooking up and forging a crew in it?

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 31 January 2014

MotorStorm 6

So, thus far we are all aware that the 6th MotorStorm is:

a) canned

b) held off for at least ten or so more years

But here's something I bet you didn't know.

Yeah, that's right, this new MotorStorm "4" is going to essentially be a revamped Apocalypse with futuristic vehicles. For me there's no doubt in my mind that I will purchase this game if they go through with it (so long as they ditch the motion comics), but I can tell you that when playing it I will essentially mentally separate the MotorStorm brand from the game when playing it.

This is not MotorStorm, no matter how much they pretty it up, or how good it will be, it will never be Motorstorm. It's as if they threw the setting of the DIrt series into the world of Tron; sure it'll be as fun…

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 21 January 2014

I am now complete

After looking up on the actual wikipedia page for motorstorm: pacific rift. Turns out you can add your own playlist via XMB by selecting the PS button at any point and nvigating to your songs. This has officially raised my personal rating of the game from a 9.7 to a perfect 10. That's one out of only 3 perfect 10's i've ever given out.

You can't change songs whilst in game though, nor set it to shuffle, but it's good enough for me.

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 6 January 2014

Bout Time

It's been only, what two years and i've finally hit 500 edits. Only 160 points till i've finally hit 1000pts.

Kinda discouraging though when you've hit 500 edits and the next mark isn't till twice as many edits.

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 30 December 2013

MotorStorm 6 Soundtrack Ideas

Hey guys :)

Just thought I'd continue my 'MS6 ideas' thing with the soundtrack. I don't mean to toot my own horn but, I think I've hit the nail on the head with this soundtrack, well, with all these ideas really. Seriously if I could just let my imagination run wild in front of Evolution Studios I reckon I, or rather WE, could help them make the best MotorStorm ever!

  • Airbourne - Blackjack
  • Biting Elbows - Bad Motherf*cker
  • Black Tide - Shout
  • Boys Noize - & Down
  • The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
  • The Brookes Brothers - Paperchase ft. Danny Byrd
  • Bullet for my Valentine - Scream Aim Fire
  • Chase & Status - No Problem
  • DJ SS - We Came to Entertain (Subzero Remix)
  • Rise Against - Give It All
  • Hadouken! - Turn the Lights Out (Spor Remix)
  • Airbourne - Girls in Black
  • HIM …

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 29 December 2013

MotorStorm 6 Track Ideas

Hey, it's me again :)

These are my track ideas. MS6 will be set in South West Africa, spreading from the west coast, across North Namibia to West Botswana and spreading up to South Angola. In this area you will find elements of all 4 previous MotorStorms. From the Dry deserts of the Kalahari and the Okavango Delta that are reminicent of Monument Valley, to the beaches and jungles of Namibia that take us back to the Pacific, to the high altitude, snowy, Arctic Edge like mountains bordering Namibia and Angola, and to the urban towns and settlements that are not unlike Apocalypse, where the urban vehicle classes will have a clear advantage over the competition. These are going to give us the 5 zones similar to Pacific Rift, except with a new t…

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 29 December 2013

MotorStorm 6 Vehicle Ideas

Hey guys, I'm back.

Recently I've let GTA 5 collect some dust and I've been back on MotorStorm (MSMV, MSPR and MSA alike, even considered buying a PSP to finally get MSAE). And along with my sudden interest in MotorStorm again I've thought about MS6 a lot. I've been coming up with new vehicles and track ideas (that'll be a seperate blog after I finish this one) and I thought I'd share them with you guys. :)

Note: This is a W.I.P. I will obviously add more when I think of more.

Another Note: Some things, such as "Swamp buggy" and "Cage buggy" may not make sense to you, and thats because I based these vehicles off hotwheels cars I had as a kid. I'll try and find pictures of them and link them to the page.

Moar Notes: I have decided to add existi…

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 8 October 2013

Official Stormer Tickets

Just a crazy concept i've designed to give stormers and site members a better sense of identity.

Want one? Just give me the following:

-A pic of your stormer's head taken in MSPR, MSAE, or MSA (doesn't have to be good)

And the following info:

  • Name: your name here
  • Stormer #: a 3 digit number representing what number of stormer you are by entry
  • Title (optional): Got a nickname on the track? put it here
  • Tag Line (optional): got a catchy saying? write it down here.
  • Vehicle: your most used and beloved vehicle
  • Residence: a two-digit number assigned to which tent you occupy at the festival
  • Garage: a two-digit number representing which lot you use on the carrier (multiple stormers can share a lot)
  • Quote: A few sentences on how you think Big Dog would describ…

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 8 October 2013


Funny how everybody has a little fictional biography on themselves as racers. What's more, reading through everyones stories (with much difficulty on Dune's tale), I have noticed that none of the tales actually conflict with eachother, which is quite suprising for fanfics since everyone usually tends to want to be the big hero who wins it all. In fact, some of the tales actually make believable connections with each other along with the game itself.

Awesome story telling guys, if I were a big-league movie producer i'd probably combine the lot of them into a single film.

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 6 October 2013

Wishlist Clarity

There just seems to be an excessive amount of points on the wishlist, I can barely read the thing anymore. So i'll just highlight the major valid points here for both my own convenience or anyone else who only wishes to browse the more important aspects that we are trying to obtain.

Plus if EVO ever does (but 99% won't) ask for a report of what we think are the most essential additions to MS6, this could be a very potential source. Credit given to who made each point, bolded points are extremely important.

  • 1 General
  • 2 Location
  • 3 Vehicle Mods
  • 4 Soundtrack

  1. Re-introduce Flatlining (Dunez)
  2. An online ranking system that doesn't decrease your percentage, but instead only increases it (placement effects the amount of points given, and last place will result…

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Monument Valley Racer Monument Valley Racer 29 August 2013

Volcanic Tracks

I've recently been playing a lot of time trial in Pacific Rift and have been stuck on a lot of the volcanic ones >:( and therefore have spent a lot of time on them. All this time seeing these tracks lets me compare them all and (although all are good) I favor The Rift's volcanic version out of all 8. What are your guys favorite volcanic tracks?

I also fancy Scorched.....

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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 25 August 2013


Some deppressive Australian plans to make more music.

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 17 August 2013

MotorStorm 6 Wishlist Renaming

Hey guys,

I'm just suggesting that we rename the MotorStorm 6 Wishlist. Technically it should be the MotorStorm 4 Wishlist because, if you think about it, Arctic Edge was more of a MotorStorm 2.5 and RC was more of a MotorStorm 3.5, since they're not proper titles and more like spinoffs, I think we should rename it.

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Phendranaguardian Phendranaguardian 9 August 2013

Special individual found.

Just found the original cover artist for MSPR on Deviantart.comHere. The man who made the cover of the game itself.

Also check out this guy who drew most (if not all) of the game's concept art for MSPR, MSA, and MSRC.

Funny, i've been looking for these guys forever and they've been under my nose the whole time. Make a free account on the site if you wish to speak with either of them.

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 9 August 2013

If MotorStorm 6 never arrives, and MS is truely dead, then I know where I'm going...

Okay, so I've just discovered this game. You all probably already know about it because of its E3 debut, but I didn't watch anything to do with E3 so I'm behind. :L But anyway, have you guys seen the upcoming Next Gen title 'The Crew'? It is basically Need for Speed, MotorStorm and Forza Horizon all in one game. It has an open-world map with 10,000km2 of road (Which includes, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and even Monument Valley!) which is completely explorable, it has endless car customisation, and you can even give your car a 'MotorStorm treatment' sort of thing, where you take a road car like a Nissan 370z or Chevrolet Camaro, and you effectively turn it into a trophy truck so it can blast across the deserts and through the forests. Oh…

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Sammyrock0087 Sammyrock0087 7 August 2013

Crazy Modding Idea

Okay, so this is probably impossible, 1. because it is really far-fetched and 2. neither of these games are even on PC. But don't you think it would be cool to somehow 'merge' MotorStorm and Red Dead Redemption? Because RDR's terrain (specifically Diez Coronas in Mexico, since it is based off Monument Valley) is perfect for MotorStorming. Like you would have the massive expansive map of RDR, with the vehicles and festival from MotorStorm. You could plonk the Festival somewhere in the middle of New Austin, probably between Armadillo and Benedict Point. And you could get out of your vehicle and have all the on-foot mechanics of RDR, but then the driving mechanics of MotorStorm, so you could just hop in a Wombat Typhoon and blast across the d…

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Dunewolfz Dunewolfz 31 July 2013

Anyone up for...?

A Burnout Paradise free-match? For old times' sake.

17:07, July 31, 2013 (UTC)
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Chuck1551 Chuck1551 22 July 2013

*anticlimatic woohoo*

Yes, from 2014 everyone in our British democracy will be forced to ask permission from their internet service providers for watching online porn.

...whatever. Just seems pretty uncomfortable telling someone on the end of the line that I wanna access it :P

Give it ten or twenty years and someone will leak that everyone who said "Yes" to having access to online adult material was under surveillance by the police in case of them becoming rampaging murderous pedophiles, mark my words.

You heard it here first people!

20:31, July 22, 2013 (UTC)
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Monument Valley Racer Monument Valley Racer 25 June 2013

SSX Anyone?

Along with my love for MotorStorm I have always been a big fan of the SSX series, but the wikia it has is dead. I joined it but I have a feeling nothing new is gonna happen with the series, so not much activity will surface. Well anyway I was wondering if anyone else here plays or played the SSX series.....I can't be the only one, right???

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