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The race organizers looked long and hard to find some drivable routes here, but in the end decided it'd be more fun driving vehicles over the edge of an enormous crater and barrelling out-of-control down a near-vertical slope. And that's exactly why the race organizers don't get invited to make race tracks for anyone else. Ever.

- Loading screen description

At the top of the volcanoes that sit at the centre of the Island, the festival organisers decided to take a peek over the top and race the edge of the Caldera. Weaving between boulders, sliding down banks of scree and jumping through an abandoned observatory make up this incredible scramble at the top of the world.

"It's like Mount Olympus up here in the clouds. We're the new gods." - Chronic

- Festival Card #064

Caldera Ridge is an Air Zone track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is full of jumps, slopes and hills; if you like the Air Zone then you will like this. This track is suitable for nearly all vehicles, especially those with high top speeds such as Big Rigs and Rally Cars. The latter portion of this track is through a long-abandoned observatory.

Festival Events[]

Speed Weekend Events[]

  • "Ridge Run" - Buggy Event 6
  • "Fast Times" - Mud Plugger Event 5
  • "Hightailin'" - Big Rig Event 3

Map of Caldera Ridge

Volcanic Version[]

If Caldera Ridge drove you over the edge, this is going to set your world on fire. An erupting volcano is either going to make you flee for your life, or strip off a couple of layers and get back in the saddle. Lava-bombs, lava-flows, lava lakes and thick chocking lava smoke just add to the fun. Quick summary for the hard of understanding - there WILL be Lava.

- Loading screen description

This track is also available in Volcanic version, but is only playable if you purchase the Speed Expansion DLC. The main differences from the original track are the caldera at the centre of the course being filled with lava and numerous lava bombs littering parts of the track.


  • Caldera Ridge has one of the steepest vertical slopes of any track in the MotorStorm franchise.
  • Caldera Ridge also appears to be more circular than nearly all other tracks.
  • Caldera Ridge is the ideal place to take pictures of your vehicle flying through the air.
  • There is a glitch area in Caldera Ridge that when driven into, your vehicle will be sent skyrocketing into the air. This glitch can be best produced when driving the Lunar-Tec Rollcage.
  • Caldera Ridge was also one of the easiest tracks to perform Flatlining.
  • In the evening, Caldera Ridge is the only track in the game to possess a star filled sky. This explains the many telescopes around.
  • This track includes an Easter Egg. If one drives through the black and yellow taped off route near the finish line, there is a telescope to the left of the route. While (preferably) driving a Monster Truck, drive up to the telescope. There is a small box-shaped instrument that could be a mailbox.
  • Sometimes, when driving down the steep slope, a hang glider can be seen gliding in the opposite direction up the slope.