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The Castro Varadero on MotorStorm vehicle selection

The Castro Varadero is a Big Rig that appears in the original MotorStorm, Pacific Rift, and Arctic Edge. It usually favours rough terrain just like any other Big Rigs. In Monument Valley, the Varadero is the first Big Rig that is unlocked, you must play through the festival to unlock it in Pacific Rift. Although it is not the fastest or most powerful Big Rig, it still performs well.


The Castro Varadero is fairly distinct from the rest of the Big Rig crowd, with its classic lines and unique pointed battering ram. It is essentially a re-created, unlicensed 1955 Peterbilt 281 from Steven Spielberg's cult classic Duel, although the cab of the Varadero is much more rounded and has a single front window.

Arctic Edge Customizable PartsEdit

  • Front Bumper
  • Wheels (Colour changing allowed)
  • Exhaust
  • Framework (Colour changing only)
  • Rear Item
  • Suspension (Colour changing only)
  • Number of available slots for sponsor stickers: 4
  • Bonus livery: Yes


  • A Christmas holiday livery for the Varadero in the original MotorStorm can be downloaded (for free) at the PlayStation Store. It paints the vehicle white and adds snow-man graphics.
  • In the background cinematics in the first game, Valkyrie’s ”Death Cab” Varadero can be seen towing a music stage.
  • The Varadero also appears in the RC Carnival Expansion Pack for MotorStorm RC.
  • In Arctic Edge track Ascension (Reverse), a poorly-rendered wreck of Castro Varadero can be seen lying on the final turn.
  • The Varadero can be essentially described as MotorStorm's signature Big Rig, being one of the main seven most seen vehicles and even possessing a vinyl that has the word MotorStorm across the side.
  • The Varadero is named after Varadero, Cuba.
  • In Pacific Rift, Alexander Murdoch ("Spark Leads" livery), Chunky Baxter ("Rocket Girl" livery) and Janine Brazon ("MotorStorm" livery) are the AI Characters seen driving this vehicle.

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