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Chronic is the Carrier's unofficial minister, preaching a hodge-podge mix of Buddhism and Christianity combined with whatever spiritualism he once heard in some bar at 3 in the morning. He's able to drive blindfolded - but not without hitting things.

"There's a plan, okay? Trust the plan." - Chronic

- Festival Card #036

Chronic is a playable character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He was unlockable by leveling up in online multiplayer, but since the servers shut down in 2018, it is now impossible to unlock him.


Chronic appears very dishevelled, with much straggly facial hair combined with dreadlocks and a rastacap. His concept art shows him wearing a camoflauge jacket and shoulderpads.


All of Chronic's vehicles are painted candy gold, with notable sponsors being AutomaniX and Spare Parts; the paintwork is rather rusty and scratched.


  • All of Chronic's vehicles have many part modifications compared to the standard stock version of each vehicle, and has some of the most unique looking vehicles out of the AI drivers.