Chara cutter 2

Cutter on the deck of the Carrier

Cutter is a character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He is a video journalist who is travelling with the MotorStormers to the city-based Festival. He is often seen in cutscenes with his camera, filming the going-ons of the Festival.

Unfortunately, Cutter does not go through the Festival without injuries. During a demonstration of the e-brake on the deck of the Carrier, the handbrake on Tyler's Patriot V8 XR fails, causing Cutter to be hit and thrown into the air. While filming in the City, Cutter observes DuskLite forces looting shops; when the soldiers notice him filming, they aim to shoot him in the leg, but they miss and hit him somewhere else (unspecified), and they then take him into custody. Cutter is later dropped from a DuskLite helicopter, falling through the roof of a bar where Big Dog and Mash are relaxing. He is then hit by a piece of the falling roof.

In the end, Cutter does manage to survive the Festival and document the stories of the three main characters.

He is voiced by Ben Diskin.