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MotorStorm: Monument Valley

Weekend Festivals

Festival expansions which each contain new vehicles, new events and a new track.

Revenge Weekend

Main article: Revenge Weekend

Devil's Weekend

Main article: Devil's Weekend

Game modes

New game modes.

Time Attack

  • Price: Free
  • Free DLC that is similar to the Time Attack modes of the later games


New tracks.

Double Track Pack


New liveries for original vehicles.

Big-I-Bunny/Numskull Livery Pack

  • Price: £1.49
  • Unlocks liveries for 9 original MotorStorm vehicles
  • Numskull Liveries:
    • Jester Super BXR
    • Ozutsu Daimyo
    • Patriot Bushwacker
    • Patriot Renegade
    • Patriot Thunderchief
    • Wasabi Phoenix
    • Wulff Enduro
  • Big-I-Bunny Liveries:
    • Jester Super BXR
    • Italia Vulcan
    • Patriot Bushwacker
    • Patriot Renegade
    • Patriot Thunderchief
    • Wasabi Phoenix
    • Wasabi Wildcat

Crazy Samurai/Quick Foot Livery Pack

  • Price: £2.39
  • Unlocks 2 liveries each for 7 original MotorStorm vehicles
    • Jester Super BXR
    • Ozutsu Daimyo
    • Patriot Bushwacker
    • Patriot Renegade
    • Patriot Thunderchief
    • Wasabi Phoenix
    • Wasabi Widcat

Chinese New Year Gift

  • "This Free download adds a special mystery paint job for the Wulff Revo Rally Car. Happy Chinese New Year to all our customers from the MotorStorm Team!"

Halloween Livery

  • "Cuba's top boutique vehicle manufacturer has provided a real tricked-out treat FREE for all MotorStorm players. This is a special limited edition version of their best-selling off-road truck, the Castro Robusto, sporting a unique 'Halloween' paint job"

Holiday Paint Job

  • "This FREE download adds a special mystery painy job for the Castro Varedero BigRig....Merry Christmas to all our customers from the MotorStorm Team!..."

Vehicle packs

Vehicle-only packs; including some vehicles from previous festival exspanions

Arizona + Patriot 85 Game Pack

Capitano + Varjack Game Pack

Rascal + Governor Game Pack

Domino + Adventure Game Pack

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Adrenaline Expansion Pack


The Adrenaline Expansion Pack is available on the PlayStation Store for £4.79/€5.95/$9.99. It contains 3 new tracks, 4 new vehicles, 26 new liveries, and 6 new characters with 3 outfits each. As with the other DLC Packs, the liveries will unlock the vehicle if you don't already have it, but only in the Adrenaline livery until you unlock it yourself in game

The new tracks are:

The new vehicles are:

One new livery each for :

  • Atlas Teamster
  • Beelzabuggy Spaceframe II
  • Castro Conquistador
  • Castro Toro
  • Italia Strano
  • Jester BXR II Concept
  • Jester BXS
  • Lunar-Tec Weevil
  • MIrage Belette
  • Mohave Globetrotter
  • Patriot Blackfoot
  • Patriot Minuteman
  • Voodoo Mastadon
  • Wulff Expedition

The Adrenaline Pack also includes five "Volcanic" track remixes, one of which originating from the new Hollowed Earth track, whereas the others take place in the familiar territories of Scorched, Badlands, The Edge, and Mudslide.

Speed Expansion Pack

The Speed Expansion Pack is also available on the PlayStation Store for £4.79/€5.95/$9.99. It contains 3 new tracks, 4 new vehicles (3 Liveries each), a new livery for ONE vehicle in each class, and a new Driver, As with the other DLC Packs, the liveries will unlock the vehicle if you don't already have it, but only in the Speed Weekend livery until you unlock it yourself in game. Also contained is a new "Speed Weekend" mini-festival. Instead of regular races, the festival consists entirely of Speed events, each event has two parts, if you qualify you get to do the 'Main Event' version which adds coloured barrels and duck-unders for bikes and ATVs that add (Green) or deduct (Red) time from your score if you hit them. After the completion of a vehicle class' speed weekend, a new livery will be unlocked for a vehicle within that class (See list below). After completing the entire Speed Weekend, you will unlock a new vehicle: the Castro Monstruo and a new Driver

The new tracks are:

The new vehicles are:

The new Liveries are for:

  • Aztec Komodo
  • Castro Toro
  • Lunar-Tec Sasquatch
  • Monarch Baclpacker
  • Monarch Claymore
  • Ozutsu Tanto
  • Wasabi Junior MX
  • Wombat Hurricane

Unlocked after qualifying on all events of each respective vehicles Class.

The new Driver is:

  • A mean Bad-Arse bearded baldy guy with a scary eye! (unlocked after qualifying all Speed Weekend events)

Also included in the Speed Expansion Pack are three "Volcanic" remixes of existing Pacific Rift tracks, featuring Caldera Ridge, Wildfire, and The Rift.

Signature Liveries

There are eight FREE signature livery packs each containing 3 vehicles from the 6 Designer Collections, weirdly they are titled ie. 'Wombat Livery Pack' but they contain only one vehicle from the named Manufacturers and two from other manufacturers!

Unfortunately they were a limited time gift from Evolution and are no longer available on the PSStore...but ARE available on a re-signed save that already has them!

Downloading these packs will automatically unlock all vehicle they apply to, but only with the signature livery until players unlock the vehicle normally. These liveries are also divided into seperate designer collections or 'Card Packs' in the game menu screen and you gradually fill each 'Suit' with each pack, as listed below.

The Weaver Collection

"Rich Weaver, Graphic Designer - Weaver's collection feature slick west-coast vinyl designs focusing on the essentials of highlife living - girls, gambling and rock & roll."

The Necro Collection

"Christian McKinney, Graffiti Artist - Necro has hit his four rides with a selection of distinctive throw-ups and dubs, giving them a fresh, standout look amongst the MotorStorm pack."

The John M Collection

"John Machin, Graphic Designer - John's collection showcases hi-gloss, pro street racing decal designs with strong lines, bold colours and knuckled, letterpress scrufftype."

The Fig House Collection

"Alex Figini, Concept Artist - FigHouse's quartet of illustrative designs manage to combine the awesomely sweet things he loves best: dragons, ninjas and mexican wrestlers."

The JT Collection

"Jen Wie Tse, Vehicle Artist - Trying his best to exorcise his inner demons and yours, Jen's eye-razor designs showcase the subversive iconography of modern horror culture."

The Stu "The Beast" Cripps Collection

"Stuart Cripps, Graphic Artist - Mr Beast treats us to 4 flavours of the very finest Technicolour Pop-Art on Wheels. Do not adjust your eyeballs."

MotorStorm: Apocalypse

  • Carbon Pack - Pre-order - Four possible new vehicles - Either the Mirage 401 Rally Car, the Wulff DT566 Supercar, the Italia Areto Superbike, or the Patriot Pitbull Superbike
  • DLC Liveries - Free Customization Artwork
  • Premier Pack - Two new vehicles - One new SuperMini and one non-carbon version of a pre-order Superbike - Released along with the game's US release, currently available in PlayStation Store in the all regions
  • Supercar Elite - Status Symbol - The Italia Torquemada Supercar
  • Revelation Pack - Four new vehicles
  • Remix Pack - Three vehicles from the previous MotorStorm games
  • Prestige Pack - Three new vehicles - One new Supercar and two non-carbon version of pre-order vehicles
  • Afterparty - Patch 1.04 - Includes The Rock and six new Festival events for Stone
  • Italia Tauromachia - Special unlockable Supercar, with three unlock methods. One is connected to Weekly Challenges, one involves the Downloadable Events packages, and the last method is unknown
  • Outlaw Vehicle Pack - Three new vehicles - Two new vehicles and one non-carbon version of a pre-order Superbike
  • Downloadable Events - Eighteen new Festival events, focusing on three different characters (six events per character) - Lena, Dice, and Muerte
  • Patch 1.05 - Contains Mode Editor
  • Gold Rims - Available for all vehicles. Accidentally released with Glowing Rims for 1 day. Unreleased as of December 2012
  • Glowing Rims - Available for all vehicles
  • Special Edition Patriot Wildtrek-X Racing Truck and Wasabi Hayato Superbike - Themed after Eurogamer and other media
  • Patch 1.06 - Contains special edition Wulff Enduro Dirt Bike dedicated to MotorStorm Community member NinjaAtHome

MotorStorm RC



Vehicle Packs

The vehicles included in these packs are also available separately.

Individual RC Vehicles

Main article: MotorStorm RC/Vehicles#Individual RC Vehicles


  • In Pacific Rift, new liveries unlocked from the Speed Weekend will be seen on AI vehicles as well. Unfortunately, this is not true for the DLC vehicles, nor the signature livery packs.
  • When the PlayStation Store was updated to it's current format, MotorStorm and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift were removed from the store's list of browsable games. However, players can still access the games and their DLC by use of the store's manual search engine.