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DuskLite Corp. logo and motto

They want to take what's yours! Terrorists! Fanatics! Subversives! Combat danger with security. DuskLite provides that security, and that's a promise (DuskLite promise not legally binding). Cutting edge military technology... supports our friendly service (friendly service may result in friendly fire). Do you want to die tomorrow? No? Then put your trust in DuskLite. DuskLite - security for all... our tomorrows.

DuskLite Security internal promotion, "For All Our Tomorrows."

DuskLite Corp. is a private security contractor that appears in The City of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. In the absense of police and national guard forces in the city, corporate owners brought in DuskLite to protect their assets. From the beginning, DuskLite goes to war with a group known as "The Crazies". DuskLite forces will occasionally fire upon the player during a race. They also play an important role in the game's plot, especially in the Pro and Veteran storylines of the Festival mode. During the Veteran storyline, DuskLite forces and the company's Site Manager himself are convicted of serious breaches of power, and are ordered to withdraw, enraging the said manager.



DuskLite uses tanks, helicopters, trucks, harriers, and other various military vehicles, as well as troops, to maintain order within the city. They also use landing crafts to move tanks onto dry land and a jumbo jet as a transport.


  • All DuskLite troops in motion comics wear gas masks and grey and black uniforms, while in actual gameplay, they wear green camo and use AK-47 and some variants.
  • DuskLite troops are most commonly seen in cutscenes with guns based on the Heckler & Koch G3.