"Through an impossibly narrow chasm where sunlight rarely shines, nature’s torrents carve new, untamable routes for her disciples to follow. Big boulders, fast waters and epic vistas; this track satisfies every appetite. One to really gorge on, you’ll need a hunger for survival – get ready to jump to the main course."

- Loading screen description.

Engorged is a large track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is only available by purchasing the Speed Expansion Pack.

Track informationEdit

  • Engorged is, in many ways, similar to Colossus Canyon, in that the track follows the path of a river-cut gorge. The main differences are that there is a lot less tropical vegetation, and the track is a lot larger and more open. A number of large jumps are featured as well.
  • This track is primarily made for the larger classes, giving few areas for the smaller classes to stay high and dry.
  • After the first division featuring the river and winding paths, it is best to try to stay on the left side of the track since it provides the straightest and more easy-going route
  • As the logo shows, there is the occasional hawk which flies overhead.