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Flatlining is a feature exclusive to MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is a purely visual and auditory effect, caused by the vehicle falling at a fast rate of descent and slamming into the ground.

When the player's vehicle hits the ground hard, the screen will temporarily turn a light shade of red and a flatline sound effect will be triggered. The vehicle's suspension also typically fails, causing the wheels to jam upward into the vehicle. The player's character also collides with the steering wheel/handlebars when hitting the ground.


  • The red shade will stay even if Photo Mode is activated.
  • The flatline sound effect will typically be preceded by a sound effect similar to a rush of wind or helicopter blades.
  • It is possible to hit the ground hard enough to wreck the vehicle while the flatline effect is still in play.
  • The tracks most associated with flatlining is RainGod Spires or The Edge, although Flatlining can be achieved on any track.
  • Flatlining is typically assumed to be activated by achieving a certain amount of distance on a jump, however it is actually determined by the amount of time a vehicle remains in the air. If remaining airborne long enough, a flatline can be achieved on even the smallest of jumps, even occouring when jumping to a higher elevation.
  • Vehicles in the game which have low ride-height tend to have clipping issues with the wheels of the vehicle, causing the wheels to appear as if they have phased through the vehicle.
  • Music and ambient noises, such as the engine, are muted during the duration of flatlining.