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Gold Rims were (accidentally) made available to players in MotorStorm: Apocalypse via a DLC pack released on August 23rd 2011, costing $0.25 US dollars. Each vehicle class has a unique gold rim design - different vehicles in the same class use the same design. These rims provide an alternative look to the black or grey rims usually available for vehicles.


  • The Gold Rims DLC was incorrectly labeled as "Glow Rims" on the PlayStation Store when the Glow Rims were first released, though it is correctly named in the Download menu. Downloading Glow Rims now gives players the correct add-on pack.
  • Gold Rims, like the Glow Rims, were first spotted on the Molotov Uradna-66, though they were removed in the latest patch, until now, and can now be used on all vehicles.
  • Gold Rims (unlke Glowing Rims) have similar designs, but the Glow Rims have a "glowing ouline" for the wheels, whereas the Gold Rims are fully coated in gold.
  • As of today, the Gold Rims have yet to be made available for download and are unlikely to be made available for purchase again, since the support for the game seemingly ceased in September 2011.
  • The gold rims for ATVs and Monster Trucks are extremely similar in design.
    • In fact, a lot of both rim and tyre tread designs for the aformentioned classes are exactly the same in MotorStorm: Apocalypse