Good herb
Good Herb is one of the playable tracks featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The main segments of the track consist of a double-decker bridge, as well as the nearby shore and a tunnel. What is unique about this track is that one deck has racers going in the opposite direction of the other, so a head-on collision is possible for brief segments of races. It is worth noting that some variations of the track do not use the bridge at all, but simply drive around and below it.


  • Bridge to Nowhere - On Bridge - Day One, Morning - Destructive Events (earthquake) - Mash
  • Double Decker - On Bridge - Day One, Night - Destructive Events (gunship, single player and Weekly Challenges only) - Big Dog
  • Buena Vista - Around/Below Bridge - Day Two, Midday - Destructive Events (DuskLite attack) - Mash
  • A Bridge Too Far - Around/Below Bridge - Day Two, Afternoon - Tyler


  • In at least one version of the track, there is a helicopter gunship that will constantly fire at the race leader's vehicle, making it difficult (and unwise) to hold the lead for a long time.
  • There is a bug where if the player chooses to do a time trial with a Monster Truck on the "Double Decker" version the player will spawn farther away from the normal spawn point, resulting in the game turning the player around prematurely and running into the wall, and possibly, over the edge of the bridge. This bug is not present when doing a normal race.
  • "Good herb" is slang for marijuana. In addition to this, the area where Good Herb takes place based on the real world is known for its widespread marijuana use.
  • On the "Buena Vista" version of this track, it is possible to use the remnants of the bridge as a makeshift ramp to get on top of the leftover bridge. You will get reset almost instantly though. This glitch is accomplished most easily when driving a SuperMini or an ATV.
Motorstorm Apocalypse Time Trial Glitch

Motorstorm Apocalypse Time Trial Glitch

An example of the Time Trial glitch.