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Helicopters appear at various points in the MotorStorm series, usually providing support to the MotorStormers, with the exception of those belonging to DuskLite in MotorStorm: Apocalypse.

Helicopters come in either single- or twin-rotor varieties, with the former usually being hostile, especially to Big Dog and Tyler, and the latter working for the MotorStormers. In Apocalypse, there are also single-rotor gunships, which are extremely hostile toward players and play a pivotal role in the end-game of Big Dog's series of events.


Helicopters are seen throughout the MotorStorm series and provide much of the background logistical support to the festivals as well as being used by the DuskLite Private Military Company in MotorStorm: Apocalypse in a combat capacity.

In the first game a fictional version of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook can be seen at various stages of the game. These versions also appear in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. They are depicted as a "skycranesque" version, taking inspiration from the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane. In Apocalypse the CH-47 is seen again however is in its real life form with a full fuselage.

In the introduction to MotorStorm: Pacific Rift , various helicopter types can be seen air-lifting competitors' vehicles to land from the aircraft carrier. The include the CH-47 mentioned above along with helicopters resembling real life versions of the Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion and the Bell UH-1 "Huey". Light helicopters can also been seen at various point in the game that resemble Bell 206 family of helicopters.

In Apocalypse, helicopters provide a pivotal role, including during events where they help to deform the race circuit along with Big Dog's narrative. DuskLite's use of helicopters is predominant. They operate two types of helicopters, a transport and a gunship. The most various type seen is the Transport which is armed. This appears to be a mix of a number of helicopters, including the Sikorsky S-61 SeaKing ( tricycle undercarriage) the Sikorsky HH-3 (another variant of the S-61) for the fuselage along with the Mh-53 (engine Position and Cowlings). The Gunships fuselage resembles the Mil Mi24 Hind aft of the cockpit while the forward section resembles a contemporay gunship such as the Eurocopter Tiger or Mil Mi-28.


  • The same model of Helicopter used by DuskLite in Apocalypse can be seen in Pacific Rift, one is hovering over a caldera in The Rift.
  • The flare Big Dog uses to hit the DuskLite Site Manager's helicopter is unrealistically powerful, as the force required to move a helicopter is far beyond what a standard flare gun is capable of, and flares cannot produce explosions, unlike what is shown in the beginning of Big Dog's epilogue.