Lena, also known as Dynamo, is a rookie MotorStormer in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. She appears in multiple cutscenes, often with the fellow rookie Mash, who at one time saves her from falling debris. She competes for, and eventually earns the first female place in The Brotherhood.

She is shown to have an aggressive temper and is bought to anger easily, particularly when other 'Stormers prevent her from achieving her goals.

Vehicles usedEdit


  • Lena speaks with an (utterly terrible and incorrect) Australian accent.
  • On her Festival Card, she is named "Dynamo". This is probably also her nickname, as she is always referred to as "Dynamo" in the race results.
  • According to her card, she is an accomplished stock car racer.
  • Her favorite vehicle, at least in the cutscenes, is the Wulff DSGR-1 Superbike. However, in Mash's Prologue, she enters the city in a Mirage 101.
  • Her favorite vehicle manufacturer is most likely Patriot; she uses their Monster Truck, Big Rig, Racing Truck, and their Supercar.
  • Lena is the playable character for the second series of downloadable events, and is marketed the "Queen of Hearts".