Chara mash 1

Mash in a motion comic

Ellis "Mash" Marshall is the playable character for the Rookie segment of the Festival in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. His prefered vehicle class seems to be SuperMinis.

He is voiced by Arif S. Kinchen.

Before the FestivalEdit

Mash somehow managed to stow away on The Carrier in a shipping container. He ate nothing but 'Magic Nut Bar' brand candy bars for three days. One week before the festival, he was discovered by Ms. Austin. For unknown reasons, Big Dog allowed Mash to stay on board and participate in the festival.



Mash's vehicle paint scheme consists of the front of the vehicle being metallic/candy orange, which leads via a 'tear' style vinyl to white at the vehicle's rear. On certain vehicles, black and white graffiti and small skulls (more specifically, the "Numskull Helmets" logo) may also be visible.

This list is ordered by how they first appear in Mash's list of Festival races.

  1. Mirage 101 - "The Zero"
  2. Wombat Typhoon
  3. Patriot P10-XR
  4. Voodoo Ridgetail
  5. Wasabi Rascal
  6. Wasabi Wildcat MX
  7. Atlas Bobtail
  8. Wulff DSGR-1
  9. Italia Cirrus
  10. Voodoo Orbiter
  11. Beelzebuggy Bombadier
  12. Mojave Berdino


  • Mash is the only one of the three playable characters in the Festival to successfully return to The Carrier after "The Big One".
  • Big Dog sees to it that Mash receives his dog tags after Big Dog's death.
  • Mash's livery contains the logo for Numbskull Helmets. Ironically, Mash never wears a helmet in Apocalypse. In fact, hardly any of the major characters do, except for Lena (cutscenes only) and Muerte.
  • The only vehicle class that Mash does not use during the festival is the choppers.
  • Mash's Festival is the second longest of the three characters, at 14 events.