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Warning: This article contains information considered as spoiling, read at your own risk.

"Hey... Want a Magic Nut Bar...?"

Characters play a pivotal role in the plot of MotorStorm: Apocalypse, and this is the first time they actually have played any important plot role in the series. Their various stories are told through video cutscenes or "Motion Comics" as they are called in-game. A recurring theme is how each cutscene independently views the same events from a different perspective.

Main/Featured Characters[]

  • Cutter - The film maker
  • Mash - The Rookie; stowaway on the Carrier
  • Tyler - The Pro; a member of the Brotherhood
  • Big Dog - The Veteran; also a MotorStorm pioneer (Deceased)
  • Ms. Austin - The MotorStorm coordinator
  • Candi - The groupie
  • Sphinx - The graffiti artist
  • DuskLite Site Manager (Deceased)
  • Yoshimi - The communications expert, also runs her own radio station in the Carrier, called "Yo FM"
  • Dice - Leader of the Brotherhood, a.k.a. "The Luckiest Man Alive" (Deceased)
  • Muerte - A prominent member of the Brotherhood
  • Hunter - A Brotherhood member
  • Stone - A Brotherhood member
  • Lena - A rookie, later a Brotherhood member; referred to as Dynamo in race results
  • Hangnail Johnson - A MotorStorm pioneer (Deceased)

Minor Playable Characters[]

(Playable in Wreckreation)


The Brotherhood[]

An elite five-man group, established in 1991 as enforcers for the Monument Valley Motorcycle Club.

The Outlanders[]

A faction opposed to urban racing.


A loose association of racers, described as MotorStorm's "high-school rock band".


  • Each of the Festival playable characters, Big Dog, Mash, and Tyler, lose or wreck their main vehicles at the end of the festival. Big Dog's Mohawk Freerider chopper explodes, the front bumper and wheels on Mash's Mirage 101 supermini are destroyed, and Tyler's Patriot V8 XR muscle car sinks into the ocean.