MSAE character listing

Character listing.

There are a total of 15 AI characters in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge. They also serve as AI opponents in the game.

Character ListingEdit

  • Jackson Stone
  • Alex Murdoch
  • Lily Pink
  • Kat Rock
  • Yasmine Sharpe
  • Ali Stoneground
  • Johnny Harrison
  • Mira Hawk
  • Candy Buzzbomb
  • Dimitri Molotov
  • Edward T. Foxbat
  • Dylan Blaze
  • Jeff Lawless
  • Kid Million
  • Oscar Gratz


  • Arctic Edge is the first game where, rather than using the random liveries that the player can unlock, every character has a personal livery, shared across every vehicle they drive; these liveries, along with the characters themselves, can be unlocked by completing the festival. This feature returns in Apocalypse.
  • Kid Million also appears in every other MotorStorm game.
  • Most AI characters have five unique vehicles, each of a different class, and every class has nine characters driving in it, three per vehicle model. However, all nine do not necessarily appear at once; sometimes, in single-class races, the game will clone a driver. Additionally, because the game has 72 vehicles, which does not divide neatly into 5, some drivers have fewer than five vehicles.
  • There are also a few characters available exclusively to the player, with seven of them unlocked at the beginning of the game. The other two include:
    • Helghast Elite Trooper (unlocked by finding all 5 Killzone Emblems)
    • Outlaw Driver (unlocked by finding all 5 Pursuit Force Emblems)

Helghast Driver

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