Chara ms. austin
Ms. Austin is a character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. She is the coordinator for the City Festival, and can often be seen on the command deck of the Carrier. She discovers Mash in a shipping container on the Carrier and seems to watch over him in certain cutscenes, keeping him away from Candi.

She is voiced by Lori Tritel.


  • Ms. Austin was at one time married to Big Dog, as hinted by an in-game cutscene during his festival.
  • Her first name is possibly Madeline, as Big Dog calls her Maddy during many loading screens for races during his section of the Festival.
  • There is also a building on the track BoardWalk named Madeline, however it could just simply be an Easter egg.
  • According to her Festival Card, she wants to be buried on the island on which MotorStorm: Pacific Rift takes place.
  • She may have an attraction towards Mash, hinted when she wants to watch the fireworks with him.