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Concept art of Muerte.

"He was a driver, a racer, a man. Until his past caught up with him, on a remote desert highway. They broke his body, and burned his face off. Now, he is no longer a man - He. Is. Muerte!"

- Motion Comic

Muerte (pronounced "Mw-air-tay") is a character in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. He serves as the main antagonist of Tyler's chapter of the Festival. According to his cutscene, he was disfigured during a crash on a desert road, presumably on his way to the Monument Valley Festival, and thus he covers all of his face and body in black. His signature vehicle is the Wombat Darkwood. Muerte is initially a member of the Brotherhood.

Vehicles & liveryEdit

Muerte's vehicles are all relatively stock (i.e. mostly fitted with standard Customization parts), and are all-black save for various skulls and number 13s.

Monument ValleyEdit

Muerte (or a character visually similar to him) has been spotted in the original MotorStorm. He can be seen driving various vehicles, sometimes in different-coloured outfits.


  • "Muerte" literally means "death" in Spanish.
  • If one looks closely in Muerte's intro cutscene, the truck that rams him seems to be a black truck similar to the Atlas Bobtail. The truck also carries the same skull logos as he has on his livery.
  • The truck has a variant of the MotorStorm logo, "MotorSkull". This suggests that he was driving to the first MotorStorm Festival in Monument Valley when he had the accident.
  • Also in the cutscene, he is driving a white, beaten-up and rusty Wombat Darkwood; he probably has a penchant for the Darkwood, as his signature vehicle is one.
  • If one looks very closely at Muerte crawling out of his blazing Darkwood during his intro cutscene, it can be seen that he is a male wearing a white baseball-cap, much in contrast to his current all-black livery and clothing.
  • Muerte seems to be immortal due to the fact that he has survived a car crash, being struck by lightning, and being crushed by rubble. He also shares many similarities with The Terminator, as when Tyler punches him, he doesn't flinch, and his strength is shown when he easily crushes his opponent's fist in his own, forcing him to the floor at the same time.
  • In his intro cutscene it states that "... his past caught up with him," implying that he had past time enemies.
  • Muerte is now available for Downloadable Events as the "Ace of Spades". He uses a Wulff GRXii, Molotov Cutter, Wombat Darkwood, Atlas Chowhound, Wasabi Eagle, and Molotov Shelka in those races.
  • Muerte's traditional racing rumber is 13, which can relate to his history. The number "13" is considered unlucky by the majority of countries and cultures.
  • Muerte appears briefly at the end of the Apocalypse teaser trailer, attempting to remount his bike, when suddenly a buggy passes by, knocking him over. As he tries again, the building behind him collapses. It is unknown whether he survives or not, although based on the aforementioned immortality theory, it is likely that he does.
  • When Muerte and Dice are racing together, just before Muerte forces Dice off the road, Muerte gives Dice the "Finger".
  • Muerte was the one who sabotaged Dice's Patriot Surger, causing him to die in a crash.
  • The driver of the "Landau" from the Mad Max series is most likely the inspiration of Muerte himself.
  • Also, Muerte and Star Wars character Darth Vader share several similarities; they are both clad in black, they wear similar headgear, their suits cover their entire body, they were both badly burned, and they were both electrified.


Muerte in many coloursEdit

In MotorStorm: Monument Valley, Muerte has used clothes with many colours: