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Paradise Beach was perfect. Clear skies, gentle surf, warm water. It was a small town, and the living was good. Was, that is, until 30 years ago when the Fire-God Pele cruised into town in his fiery hotrod of molten death, and literally tore up the strip. Now all that remains is dust and bones. Welcome to Paradise.

- Loading screen description

Paradise Beach is a track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, consisting of rock, sand and sea, the shallows offering a perfect route for large vehicles; but they will slow down anything smaller than Big Rigs. This track is great for Rally Cars because of the dusty and rocky tracks.

Paradisebeach track

Map of Paradise Beach.


  • The large, hollowed-out building, after the abandoned fuel station, is only held up by a few structural supports. Because of this, it can be easily demolished by Big Rigs and Monster Trucks. However, the resulting rubble is suprisingly light and can be simply barged out of the way by lighter vehicles.
    • This building can also be demolished if a bike touches the roof of the building, this is presumably a glitch as the only way one can get there is by bunny-hopping off another object.
  • On the second stretch of the track, large vehicle classes can cut through the water next to the beach instead of traversing the beach itself.
  • As you cut through the water, you'll find several large billboards. One tactic is to cut in-between the billboards back onto dry land to gain some ground. However, this doesn't always work and usually sends you flying up into the sky.
  • The fuel station's petrol gas pumps are capable of moving lighter vehicle classes when hit, in a manner similar to that of being too close to an over-boosted vehicle when it explodes, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • After exiting the intial tunnel, on the left side there is a jump which can be used to send yourself soaring over the competition.
  • At the start line are several advertising billboards including one which advertises the Castro Toro.
  • This track's loading screen description describes the deity Pele as being male, when in fact they are depicted as being female.
  • This is the only track in the Fire Zone that doesn't have a volcanic variant of itself.
  • Despite it being in the Fire Zone, there isn't actually any lava present on this track.