Patriot V8 XR

Patriot V8 XR (stock)


The Patriot V8 XR is a Muscle Car featured in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is a modern Muscle Car, unlike the other two default choices, which are based on older models. The car is certainly the successor of the original Patriot V8. This is the preferred vehicle of the Pro, Tyler.


The V8 XR is unlocked after completing two Level 3 Part Challenges with the Voodoo Orbiter. Completing three Level 3 Part Challenges unlocks the Falfer Undertaker.


The V8 XR's aesthetics seem to be a hybrid of the contemporary real-life muscle cars, including the fifth generations of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, and the third generation Dodge Challenger. Oddly enough, the V8 XR's exhaust pipes come out of the trunk, a feature that neither its real-life inspirations nor its in-game predecessor has. It appears to be a purpose-built competition car, as opposed to standard cars modified for more speed and performance.


Dianne is the name given to the personal vehicle of Tyler.

It stands to reason that the love of Tyler's life would have a woman's name. Tyler swears he just likes the sound of it, but stories around the poker table recall a girl in a bar down in Mexico. When he's not showing her off, he's tuning her up or washing her down.

"Hey hon, wanna go for a ride?" - Tyler

- Festival Card #124


  • The second tail light option for the V8 XR looks very similar to the Ford Mustang's taillights.
  • During a cutscene, the handbrake of Tyler's V8 XR fails, causing him to run over Cutter.
    • On a similar footnote, the actual in-game model does not possess any sort of handbrake lever within its interior.
  • The final front and rear bumper options give the vehicle a set of bull bars, making this one of the few in its class to have them.
  • The V8 XR is rescaled for MotorStorm RC in the Elite Sports Pack DLC.
  • The V8 XR, along with other cars, make a brief cameo in WipEout 2048's intro sequence in the 2025 scene.
  • With the right parts and paintjob, this car could be made to resemble the Monster Mustang from Death Race.