The Playground is a location and game mode in MotorStorm RC; the player is placed straight into it each time the game is launched.

It is a small, weedy area outside of a school building that serves as a place to practice driving and freeroam. This is the place where players can unlock some secret vehicles.

Areas Edit

There are five distinct areas in the Playground; they are unlocked by gaining medals in the Festival.

Park Edit

The Park is the first area introduced in the game, and it also serves as the tutorial location at the beginning of the game. It consists of a small dirt path with grass surrounding it, as well as other miscellaneous and benches. The path also serves as a great place to practice drifting.

Skating Bowl Edit

The Skating Bowl is the first area unlocked by the player, immediately available once you complete the tutorial. It consists of a large skating bowl as well as a ramp that players can jump off of and over a few garbage bins. It has four large subwoofers as well other debris such as skateboards and beach balls. Due to the banked nature of the bowl, drifting is easier to accomplish, but it is suggested that players instead practice on the dirt path in the park. The Racing Truck (with which you always start every time you enter the playground) and the SuperMini are found in this area.

Skatepark Edit


Half-pipe and funbox in skatepark.

The Skatepark is the second area unlocked by the player after collecting 20 medals from the Festival. It consists of one half pipe and two quarter pipes as well as some funboxes. There is also a basketball hoop on the right side of the left-most quarter pipe. The Monster Truck and the Buggy are found here.

Playing Field Edit


The soccer field.

The Playing Field is the third area unlocked by the player after collecting 40 medals from the Festival. It consists of a large soccer field with white paint boundaries, which contains three soccer balls for the player to knock into the soccer nets. It also has a massive grass area and a large quarter pipe ramp which the player can use to transfer into the skating bowl. The Big Rig and the Rally Car can be found in this area.

Basketball Court Edit

The Basketball Court is the final area unlocked by the player after collecting 60 medals from the Festival. It consists of a couple of basketball courts, complete with hoops, one of which can be jumped into. It also has a large and complex construction site with scaffoldings and emergency exit stairs which span over three of the four areas of the Playground. The Muscle Car and (if unlocked) the Supercar can be found here.


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