Quick sands

The finishing line on Quicksands

The sea breeze in your racing leathers, the sand in your face, crystal clear seawater in your gas tank… Quicksands isn’t just sun-kissed, it’s sun-smooched-on-the-doorstep-and-put-out-on-the-first-date. When ‘beautiful azure waters’ sits so close to ‘brutal, deadly crossovers’ in the brochure description, you’ll be saying “Wish you were here” while wishing you were somewhere else at the same time.

- Loading screen description

Quicksands is a track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It is based on a secluded beach, and features some routes into the accompanying large sea caves. With the sea to keep your Boost cool, this track is great for Buggies and anything bigger but Rally Cars might find it difficult to keep up owing to the loose surface and their high power. This course is only available if the Speed Expansion Pack is downloaded from the PlayStation Store.


  • If you are a decent driver, you should be able to lap all opponents on "Hardcore" difficulty given the number of laps is set to 10.
  • Quicksands is quite possibly the shortest track in Pacific Rift, and one of the few tracks in the series which possesses no side routes or major shortcuts.
  • No matter what the difficulty setting is, AI opponents are always on easy. This is more or less due to their inability to "slingshot" on this specific course.
  • Quicksands is the only track yet to possess a single 180 degree turn (let alone two) and features two crossover locations which can be deadly if you gain enough ground on the opposition (depending on your vehicle class).
  • The primary choice for this track is the Monster Truck.
  • At the 180 degree turns, make good use of the handbrake button to drift ahead of the pack.
  • Due to it's lack of alternate routes, the time trial ghosts are extremely hard to beat.
  • In terms of natural landmarks, it's obviously seen by the sea-carved caves that this track was once submerged beneath the waves. However, it is unknown whether or not the track gets submerged during high tide since there are both indicators for and against this possibility (ie: elevated barnacle covered spectator towers, presence of land vegetation, etc).
  • On the inside of each 180 degree turn is a large cluster of spectators, one turn in particular looks to be the location of a small concert.
  • The course appears to be a figure-of-eight track.