The best all round off-road vehicle on the grid, from arid desert dunes to the snowdrifts of the Arctic. Racing Trucks are slow off the mark, but make up for it in durability, and are able to hold their own against all but their largest rivals.
- Festival Card #114

Racing Trucks are a good all-around vehicle class. They don't have any major advantages, yet they don't have any major disadvantages either. They can handle practically any terrain and even hold their own against the bigger vehicles.

Unfortunately, because of their completely rounded out performance characteristics, most other classes can outpace Racing Trucks if the courses being used favour those classes (e.g. Mud Pluggers on muddy/deep water tracks, Rally Cars on flat tracks, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks during bottleneck points/muddy tracks).

List of Racing TrucksEdit


Racing Trucks are true to their name, being based on race-built vehicles like trophy trucks and truggies, as well as lightly modified road-going pickups. So, basically any vehicle you can call a truck.


  • In MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Racing Trucks have the fastest rate of water boost cooling among the larger vehicles, making them a good choice on tracks with multiple pools of water or rain. The Perk "Shoot the Breeze" is also recommended for increased air-cooling.
  • Racing Trucks do not appear in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, most likely due to limited disk size and the addition of two new classes.
    • Interestingly, on their Festival Card, it states that Racing Trucks are well rounded for Arctic expedition; however, they unfortunately do not appear in Arctic Edge as stated above. (Though they seem to do well in RC's snow tracks.)
  • In the first two games of the series, Racing Trucks have the expected low sound of a high-output V8 engine. However, in Apocalypse, Racing Trucks driven by the player have a higher-pitched sound, somewhat akin to a supercar-esque sound. The engine noise of the Trucks was most likely changed so that they did not sound too similar to the Muscle Cars (though Racing Trucks driven by the AI or online opponents have the same engine sound as Muscle Cars). However, it is difficult to hear the Racing Trucks' engine sounds as one would need to listen closer when in first-person view.