Razorback logo

“The Daddy. Mud, dirt, flora, caves, rock, water. Deadly drop-offs, dangerous jumps, spectacular falls and fast-flowing rivers. This is the big one – the whole MotorStorm ethos showcased in a single, epic track. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your time to shine is now.”

Razorback track

Map of Razorback.

- Pacific Rift loading screen description

Razorback is a huge Earth-zone track that mixes fast, flat sections of ground with mud and many perilous jumps. The track also enters part of the Island's cave network.


  • One jump on this course involves clearing a very deep waterfall-created hole in the caves.
  • A rock stack near the end of the track is destructible.
  • At the first large jump, if you head left into the waterfall, you will spawn past the end of the jump with full boost.
  • With the large waterfall jump, most AI driving Monster Trucks and Big Rigs tend to be unsuccessful at getting across, this is due to the boost patterns programmed into the AI which make it so that they take the ramp without boosting at all. The same thing also happens on Wildfire.