Snow cats
When it comes to Arctic conditions, the Snowcat is the king of the hill. Equipped with a plough on the front, opponents would be wise to give it a wide berth. Not as fast or as easy to handle as other vehicles, the Snowcat more than makes up for it with sheer, unshakable power.
- Festival Card #118
Snow Cats are large, heavyweight vehicles built primarily for deep snow, appearing exclusively in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge (so far). In MotorStorm: Apocalypse, this vehicle class has its own Festival Card. They suffer from understeery handling and a low top speed, however their strengths are similar to those of Big Rigs; toughness, and ability to hold their own against almost all other competitors. For being as heavy as they are, their acceleration is also incredible.

List of Snow CatsEdit

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MotorStorm Trailer PSP

MotorStorm Trailer PSP

  • Snow Cats have the greatest advantage on deep snow and ice, but seem to suffer from extreme understeer (even compared to Big Rigs). This is because of their two tracks in place of four independent wheels or tracks, which are not exactly known for their good turning characteristics at high speed.
  • In terms of physics and role, Snow Cats are arguably a winter-themed equivalent to Monster Trucks (although they cannot crush opponent vehicles just by driving over them). They are, however, considered by the game to be somewhat smaller than Big Rigs, while Monster Trucks are comparatively the largest of the classes (though not necessarily the heaviest).
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