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The Rift: a mile-long tear in the world that is said to be the serpentine trail to the dark underworld of the God Milu. Formed from multiple interlinking lava tubes created over millennia, the Rift is a tight, claustrophobic journey through the jaws of the underworld, where death awaits the wearied traveller at every turn.
- Loading screen description
The signs of long-past eruptions still scar the landscape of the Pacific paradise. Some of these rifts created cave networks and gouging troughs through a once lush jungle, perfect for a race at 100mph.
"Makes me glad I came." - Big Dog
- Festival Card #068
The Rift is a Fire-zone track in MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, consisting mostly of long, winding routes and tunnels and various obstacles. The surface of this track is composed of volcanic rock, mud and water. It is perfect for Monster Trucks and Mud Pluggers but a danger for Rally Cars as the copious quantities of mud will make them slide all over the place.

Volcanic VersionEdit

This track is also available in Volcanic version, but is only playable if you purchase the Speed Expansion Pack. Every section of water has dryed up or been smothered with lava, so there is no way to perform a cooldown from the boost. Even the slightest touch from the lava flows will instantly wreck your vehicle, so be sure to boost wisely and pick the right lines during races.


  • This track is somewhat hated among the online community due to the infamous 'bridge shortcut/glitch', involving vehicles driving under the bridge (after the first section of tunnels) being respawned on top, cutting almost 3/4 of the track.
  • Sometimes bats can be seen passing overhead when traversing through the tunnels.
  • There are numerous wrecked vehicles on top of the ledge near the start of the track. Vehicles include a Six7even Mastadon, a Thunderchief with a QuickFoot livery and an upside down Patriot 80.