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p To act as a safe retreat, this rehabilitation facility was built on one of the many small islands off of the coast of the city. Surrounded by sheer cliffs and thick woods, no "guest" has ever escaped and made it to the mainland - a record soon to be lost as MotorStorm built a race right though the cell block.

"If you don't have the time, don't do the crime." - Casket Dan

- Festival Card #104

The Rock is a track that was added to MotorStorm: Apocalypse as part of the "After Party"/Patch 1.04 update. It features a return to "classic" MotorStorm off-road racing, with a beachfront dash, a dive into the island's caves, and decrepit Sugar Rush-style buildings.

It appears to be themed around the infamous Alcatraz island prison, which itself is nicknamed "The Rock".


  • "Jailhouse Rock" - The daytime, forward version. Players begin on the deck of The Carrier, where they drive off and onto the island, racing through buildings, on beaches, and up and down various slopes.
  • "Lunatics Unite" - The nightime, reversed version. This race is full of eye-stimulating scenery. From glowing hot-air balloons, to fireworks, helicopters, a burning bus being sent skyward, a full-blown party, a driver jumping out of a falling car and even two AI-driven supercars tandem drifting on a figure-8 course.


  • This is one of only two tracks in the MotorStorm series to directly incorporate The Carrier, as the starting line for "Jailhouse Rock" is on board. The other is Epilogue - "Exodus".
  • A Wulff DT566M and Ozutsu Blacksun J-GT can be seen tandem-drifting on a figure-of-eight course on the sidelines of the track. These two supercars boost continually, and despite what is seen in MotorStorm games, they do not explode from overboosting and neither of these vehicles have visible drivers.
  • There is a large metal bird on top the finish line; this bird has also appeared on the DLC track Eagle's Nest from the original MotorStorm.
  • If the player manoeuvres the photo camera so that it points directly upwards at the sky during the "Lunatics Unite" race, the player would notice that there is a large portion of the sky completely void of stars.
  • If the player pans the photo camera at the back stretch of the course "Lunatics Unite" where the Carrier is at, on the left far side, and then zoom in, you can see a bridge that looks suspiciously like the Golden Gate Bridge



When a player chooses a time trial race on "Jailhouse Rock", the Carrier-based starting line will not be used. It can be seen from the shore but cannot be interacted with.