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  • My occupation is Artist, also studying Astronomy.
  • I am A Purebred MURICAgender Pan-grey-demi-ultra-sexual Mosquito-kin Human Bean

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Hello fellow 'stormers! I have Apocalypse, Pacific Rift, MotorStorm, and MSRC. My PSN is Joby91467 if you wanna race sometime. See you on the other side. DunewolfzBanner 23:38, October 13, 2012 (UTC)

"To make it this far means you're an incredible driver, prove it once more."

Info About MeEdit

  1. I have a low tolerance for bullshit.
  2. I'm a furfag, and couldn't care less about what you think of it.
  3. Furret is my favourite pokemon.
  4. Braixen is cool too tho
  5. I hate politics
  6. So I likely hate your opinions too
  7. I'm a sarcastic little brat
  9. 74 is my favourite number.
  10. I ship Mojojojo and Bubbles
  11. hahaha... can you imagine

My MotorStorm HistoryEdit

Way back when, I was planning on getting to my first MotorStorm after reading about it in the news. At that time I was driving a rickety Italia Gagliano that had no windsheilds and a hood that had been burnt black by numerous accidents involving gasoline and interal combustion engines. I had a Mohawk Indiana and figured I might as well take it too, so I tore the back seats, the rear hatch, and the last foot of the roof off to make room for it. I set on what would be my first MotorStorm in the deserts of Monument Valley.

On the way to the Festival I encountered numerous other MotorStorm aficionados, all of whom had something or another strapped to the roof of their vehicle. I picked up one person who went by the name of "Grand-Pappy", his car had stalled on the middle of the road (and apparently had it hit by a Castro Varadero also). I saw cars of all shapes and sizes, ranging from hulking masses of steel on tractor tires to tiny MotoCross bikes weighed down with supplies.

Once I actually arrived at the Festival I got directed to park next to this shiny, almost spotless, Patriot Surger (a car I had heard about in the news more times than I could count). The man driving said Surger went by the name of Killercrusher, someone who I would see a million times while racing. I participated in a couple of races, but my Gagliano didn't last very long. In fact it practically blew up after a punishing race on RainGod Mesa. My Indiana on the other hand stood the test of time and punishment, while it constantly needed to be cleaned because of the buildup of dust and debri.

Racing on the island went pretty much the same way as Monument Valley did, although in between festivals I got my hands on a Castro Toro with a Japanese livery and a beaten up Atlas Varjack with no floor panels.

On the way to the City the Carrier hit some rough waves which caused my Toro and Varjack to go flying over the edge. I once again was stuck with my trusty old Indiana, although once I arrived I won a Falfer Undertaker for being the person who jumped from the carrier onto the pavement over the largest distance. At the city I got various other cars by finding their wrecks scattered on the tracks and fixing them up.

Once I got to the city I resumed racing as normal, although the city didn't exactly appeal to me. Luckly I wasn't alone and joined the Outlanders group. I made name for myself among the racers, although I never got first place, only second and third. Of course I made up for my sketchy racing by becoming one of the best known stunt drivers, finding a new ramp to launch off of every race. I spent more time in the air than I did.

  • Tearing through the jungles...
  • ...just a scratch...
  • ...what? it my grandad's truck!
  • Where is this island? I wanna go there!
  • Let the battle...begin
  • Falling building? No problem!
  • The bigger they are...the slower they are.
  • Monster Trucks ain't got nothing on me!
  • Talk about miraculous survival...
  • David Mann won't be so lucky this time!Go to
  • Where did that even come from!?
  • ¡Viva el conquistador!
  • Nothing like a day on the beach!
  • Is that Cascade Falls in the distance?
  • Ain't she a beaut?
  • Hello out there!
  • The light...IT BURNS!
  • ...the dangers of doing tracks backwards...
  • 4,000 feet and climbing!
  • Can you spot the Atlas Earthquake in this picture?
  • Blood brothers.
  • The bull in its natural habitat.
  • Sibling rivalry.
  • A natural minimalist.
  • A Surger's sunset.
  • David and Goliaths
  • Welcome to no man's land.
  • Taps
  • Bridge Riots.
  • 4 wheels... check, engine... check, common sense... none.
  • A miner's best friend.
  • Breaking the gap.
  • The Paradise Beach Vista
  • Who says bikes can't drift.
  • Wave for the camera!
  • Hitching a ride.
  • Hey! Keep your eyes on road... well the dirt path!
  • Jungle safari!
  • Ah, the smell of fresh air and gasoline fumes!
  • Overtaking and aggravating.
  • Sulfuric acid isn't good for paint jobs you know?
  • Monstruo is an understatement.
  • Off-road rage
  • Untouched,
  • Unloved,
  • ... and forgotten.
  • One hell of a field trip.
  • Damn trees. Nature hates me.
  • Mid-morning riptide.
  • A Storm is coming...
  • Nice move, slick.
  • Equilibrium
  • Capitáno de la grieta.
  • Sunset silhouette.
  • Carving your own path, taken literally.
  • Arizona with water. Pun intended.
  • Mah kitty, Yeggy, in his favorite spot.
  • There be a storm a brewin...
  • Getting dumped.
  • Singling someone out.
  • Buggies now double as mini Monster Trucks.
  • 'scuse me, pardon me, coming through.
  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, chill out brother.

on the ground, a good strategy if you don't want to under the wheels of a Monster Truck!

- Dunewolfz

Favorite MomentsEdit

Games I currently playEdit

Bolded games are ones I play online as well as offline.

  1. MotorStorm: Apocalypse
  2. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  3. Burnout Paradise
  4. Twisted Metal 2012
  5. Skate 3
  6. Test Drive Unlimited 2
  7. Tokyo Jungle
  8. Team Fortress 2 (I play it on PC, no you cannot have my steam name.)

I have a few more games but I never play them or the community of it has died.


Ms bike 3 This user's favorite class is Dirt Bikes!
CasketDanIndiana This user loves doing stunts!
Motorstorm Pacific Rift Cover This user owns MotorStorm: Pacific Rift!
MotorStormApocalypse This user owns MotorStorm: Apocalypse!
C 4 This user is on the Crazies' side!
018 This user loves customizing vehicles!
Calderaridge logo This user's favorite track is Caldera Ridge!
Duel truck This user is an aggressive driver!

My Custom VehiclesEdit

*Click on an image to be taken to it's article. Some of these are out of date. Download them here. My personal livery consists of an orange-white wave with Free Style Decals as my primary sponsor (see the Mirage 401 image for an example.)

My Preferred ClassesEdit

(In order of most used to least used.)

1. Dirt Bikes - Sure it's weak, but that's not a problem if you're thirty seconds ahead of everyone!

2. Racing Trucks - When in doubt, all-rounded is the way to go.

3. Buggies - Like the Racing Truck, but faster at the price of strength.

4. Rally Car - Once you master it, it's hard to beat. It's just mastering it that's the problem.

5. Muscle Cars - Good looking, good speed, good handling,...good everything.

6. Mud Pluggers - Has the power to endure damage, and can just as easily dish it out.

7. Supermini - Agile like a bike, speed like a buggy.

8. Big Rig - You can't turn a brick wall going a hundred-some miles an hour.

9. Chopper - a straight line...,but has a horrid turning radius.

10. Supercar - Sure it's fast but only when boosting...

11. Superbike - Too easy to win with.

12. Monster Truck - Oversized, slow, and barely turns.

13. ATV - In my honest opinion, worst class ever.

Favorite VehiclesEdit

MotorStorm MotorStorm: Pacific Rift MotorStorm: Apoclaypse MotorStorm RC
Dirt Bike Mohawk Indiana Mohawk Indiana Mohawk Indiana n/a
Chopper n/a n/a Voodoo Howler n/a
Superbike n/a n/a Monarch Trophy Tourer n/a
ATV Wasabi Phoenix Molotov Stuuka Wasabi Phoenix n/a
SuperMini n/a n/a Wulff GRXii Wulff GRXii
Buggy Wombat Typhoon Beelzebuggy Spaceframe II Voodoo Sandcutter Atlas Excavator
Rally Car Italia Gagliano Castro Toro Wulff Bolter Patriot Enforcer
Muscle Car n/a n/a All except Patriot V8 XR Voodoo Undertaker
Supercar n/a n/a Mirage LX7 Wasabi Lightning
Racing Truck Castro Capitano Castro Conquistador Castro F80 Monarch Decker
Mud Plugger Mojave Slugger Monarch Drover Mojave Berdino n/a
Monster Truck n/a Atlas Earthquake Falfer Tombstone Castro Box
Big Rig Atlas Arizona Nord Jormungand Atlas Bobtail Wombat Wanderer

MotorStorm Wiki Certificate of AuthenticityEdit

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