Westside JDM

  • I live in Screw off
  • My occupation is Writing
  • I am an attack helicopter

My PSN ID is tmi1080 and I play these specific games:


  • MotorStorm
  • MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
  • MotorStorm: Apocalypse
  • MotorStorm: RC
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PS Vita)
  • Need For Speed: Undercover
  • Need For Speed: The Run
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Unit 13
  • Skate 3
  • DiRT 3
  • PlayStation Home
  • LEGO Indiana Jones 2
  • LEGO Batman 2
  • UTF Urban Trial Freestyle
  • Retro City Rampage
  • Gravity Rush
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Littlebig Planet

Wanna wreck some assholes online?Edit

MotorStorm: ApcalypseEdit

  • MotorStorm_Jerk-, moron, poor sport
  • TEKKEN 2013- Annoying sings and whistles
  • Alpha_Male_Pride- Kid very very annoying, racist
  • Sugar1 OH SHIT! ITS MRS BAKER LOOKOUT!!!, Teacher, very disturbing voice, Sucks at playing

DiRT 3Edit

  • L U I G I- Troll

Need For Speed: The RunEdit

  • Christianator3- Christian extremist

About meEdit

Hello, I'm Tmi1080. Some of my edits don't really meet the standards and I'm looking forward to a promotion on this wiki. But other wikis such as Community Central I've had trouble with other users, like telling them to stop calling me Tmi since I don't like to be called Tmi. I made up a rumor about when anyone calls me Tmi they dissapear, but it's not true. If Bureaucrats, Administrators, or Chat Moderators, Staff , VSTF, or Founders call me Tmi I just have to let it slide so I don't get blocked or banned from chat.

First of all I'm a devoute fan of the MotorStorm Series and ever since I got my PS3 and MSA I've been strongly into it ever since

Second of all you may think I'm a noob at all the MotorStorms because MS:A Was my first game but Think again MSPR Was my second MS Game and first I thought it was hard and then I got a hang of it. Ever since I got used to MSPR I got the ever retarded MSRC and first it was fun and then I got bored of it. So ever since I got used to MSPR I developed a deep understanding for MotorStorm. Then I got MSMV


I am still in middle school but I still go on this wiki during lunch,and break

ok. Any questions? Leave any questions or comments on my Talk page ok


My favorite classesEdit

  • Rally cars my most favorite class because I'm a fan of WRC
  • Buggies built for off road can go upside down I like the cars and the engine
  • Muscle cars awesome V8 Engine built to drift I mostly like the cars and I love the engine
  • Monster trucks big tires and jacked up suspension can CRUSH those little guys
  • Super cars some times my favorite because I like supercars
  • ATVs great class maybe slow but they're better than the Stupid Mud pluggers
  • Big Rigs Big, slow, unstoppable,Diesel Powered Bullies
  • Racing Trucks I have mixed feeelings about them some times they are my favorite while some times I hate them
  • super minis some times they are fun while some times I hate them
  • Snow Cats tank like can bully any one off the track
  • Snow Pluggers just like mud Pluggers can dish out the pain
  • Dirt bikes maybe weak but fast
  • Mudpluggers Fun unstoppable awesome to drive in the mud
  • Coppers same thing as muscle cars but with two wheels
  • Snow machine just like the ATV but faster
  • Superbikes God dammit I hate these things I always wreck on them these things suck

AI shit listEdit

Ok guys if you ever see one of these AI's on any track be sure to wreck them

  • Unknown Biker possibly Daddy Fawley (MSMV) - In the gameplay trailer for MSMV on raingod mesa he killed another unknown biker by punching him off his Wasabi Twinblade on the banking and the other unknown biker fell off raingod mesa to his demise and then he deliberatly knocks the same biker into a sign- Monarch Champ
  • Eight-bit- When I was racing her she punched bueno and flameboy on rising damp and they fell into the water and drowned - Wulff Enduro
  • Mr. SUV (MSMV)- having a better livery on his typhoon than I had - Wombat Typhoon
  • Mira Hawk (MSMV)- always knocking me off my enduro and I kept getting pissed off - Beelzebuggy Carabid
  • Claire Marie- always being a total douche on the sandstone cowboy level- Voodoo Rattler
  • Willy Wilson- He was constantly knocking me off my bike in the chase- Nord Viking
  • Calamity- she continually wrecks me when she drives that big rig- Patriot Bulkhead
  • Riza Shadahadmar- continually pissing me off in buggy byway- Beelzebuggy Carabid
  • Chunky Baxter(MSPR)- He is always deliberatley trying to crush me when I'm driving my rattler- Atlas Earthquake
  • Flameboy (MSA)- When he drives the GT101 He acts like a total show off and a douche- Monarch GT101
  • Big Blue (MSA)- Grrr I hate this guy, He is so obnoxious in that damn shelka - Molotov Shelka
  • Dynamo- She always gets more and more obnoxious in that bulkhead- Patriot Bulkhead 
  • Blondie- Always attempting to wreck me when I race her when I'm driving the Renegade- Castro Toro
  • The Marshall- What is his deal? he is nearly always chasing me after I taunt him and his livery is so damn cool  I want it- Patriot Surger
  • Benno- I hate him because he has an awesome livery- Molotov Drago 
  • Dmitri Molotov (MSMV)- He has an awesome livery on his Renegade and I want it now- Patriot Renegade
  • Lucky Jack Flynn (MSMV)- He ran me over on Highland Raider- Jester Super BXR
  • Memphis Red- Ugh she is so obnoxious and she is also really ugly- Anything
  • Miguel Keenanan- Grrr I want his livery so badly it just looks so damn awesome!- Voodoo Iguana 
  • Baz Johnson- I dont hate him I just want his livery- Wasabi Phoenix 
  • Tommy Knocker (MSMV)- Pervert- Nothing its just his name and its his livery I like even though I hate spiders
  • Louhi- Another awesome livery- Wulff Revo
  • Cannon Brown- Yet another badass livery

My MotorStorm HistoryEdit

When I had started out I had nothing but a Nord Viking and a poorly treated Patriot Renegade but when I was walking around town when I went to Kraigen Auto Parts I was getting some parts for the patriot renegade and I bought some parts and when I was walking back home and I saw these ads and flyers like lost pets and local bands I found this thing about MotorStorm and when I got home I got to work on the renegade. I fixed everything up like putting in a new air filter and various other parts I then heavily tuned the engine so I could outrun those other cars I also put on some small light pods on the car painted it blue with a shade of yellow and gave it the number 88 and I also figured I should take my Wulff Enduro with the renegade and the viking and I put a bike rack on the rear of the truck and put the enduro on the rack. I also got a trailer and put the renegade on the trailer. But I forgot a tent so I turned around and got a tent with a lawn chair and some other things and I set off to Monument Valley to race my way to glory. When I was going I stopped at a McDonalds to get two ranch snack raps, A large size of Chicken McBites, A Large Dr. pepper, an order of three chocolate chip cookies, an ice cream cone, and a Large Fry I bought all the food and set off for Monument Valley when I went past the Spreckels sugar plantation I saw a ton of steam coming from over there and I was thinking that they must be producing a lot of sugar or it was on fire So I decided to go check it out and I climbed through a small hill that is a secret entrance to a limestone quarry in the Viking and then I decided to get on the Enduro to explore and I saw two doors or gates to the large warehouse and to my suprise the steam was coming from the big brick building and I rode around the the plantation in curiosity wondering what the hell is going on and the next thing you know some creepy security guard on foot walking around and he said: Hey, get the fuck out of here punk or I'll call the cops. I responded with this: Oh you wanna go I'll give you a go I got a rock and chucked it at his nuts and he was running to his Wildtrek-x he got in his truck and he came at me and I started running and I got the enduro into the rack on the truck and he was coming at me in his Wildtrek-X at 90MPH and I just took him head on and he wrecked and I drove off behind the brick building knocking over a massive stack of pallets and various other things going right past the Tanimura & Antile factory and on my way to MV as I was driving I ate my food wondering what the hell was that moron security guard thinking I'd bet he's probably dead by now as I was heading toward there when I entered king city I saw a lot of other Big Rig drivers in various Semi-trucks and there were a lot of Derricks which are things in oil refinaries I saw some people deliberatley wrecking civilian vehicles and soon enough it was night time and I decided to stop at a truck stop for the night and I slept in the cab of the truck and it was morning I put some gas in the truck and I got some fuel in the renegade and the Enduro at a gas station next to the truck stop  and I was set to go and on the way there I stopped at another Mcdonalds for breakfast and I yet again left for MV on the way there I found an EOWS 612 on the side of the road so I picked it up and since I had a tent in the back I put the siren in the back and kept on driving and when I finally got to MV I met butter when I first met butter he saw my renegade and we struck up an immediate friendship and started a club called the Patriot Renegade Club and a lot of people joined even a guy with the same livery as me in which was Dmitri Molotov we both made friends and my first race was on the grizzly I took the renegade and when the horn blew I bolted away from the competition as I was powering past the competition and the race was only a sprint and it was all Rally Cars they were V8s, Blackfoots, 85s, and Surgers and Renegades. And butter and I were dueling to the finish and I won and he got second but we made an unstoppable team, The next day I went to a race on raingod mesa. I saw a guy with a yellow monarch champ with a full black set of MX armor and during the race he deliberatley punches another guy off RGM and I had some C4 and a detonator so I threw on five C4 bombs on him and rode to a safe distance as he was trying to punch me and then I got to safe distance and BOOM! He gets sent flying off RGM


  • "Great Way To Make Freinds Works For Me"
  • "You Lock Horns With Me You Best Get Ready For Some Hurtin'"
  • "Spring Break Wooooo"
  • "Dr. Starky Auuuuuww"
  • "That Didn't Even Hurt. Do It again"
  • "I Just Lost All My Skin Yeaaahhh
  • "Where'd That Come From!?!?!?"
  • "What Are You? What Are You? Some Kind Of Scene Serial Killer"
  • "All Right Got A Problem Now"
  • "I Don't Know"
  • RRRRGGGHHH Seriously?"
  • "Amateur Hour"
  • "Jeez"
  • "Knew This Was Gonna Happen"
  • "Stop This nonsense!"
  • "God dammit I suck"
  • "Are you kidding me"
  • "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?"
  • "I'm Gonna kick your ass through the upright!"
  • "YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!"
  • "KAPONK!!!!!!!"
  • "You Just Got Bongz'd"
  • "DIE!!!!!!"
  • "PINGAS!"
  • "Stop, Drop, and DIE!!!"
  • "Get Outta My Way!!!!"
  • "Go suck a lemon"
  • "Go Jump in a lake"
  • "Get out of my face"
  • "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!"


I wear a White Plan B Hoodie with a Black DC Hat with the hoodie over the hat and I wear a Pair of Black Sun Glasses with some Blue Jeans and a pair of Macbeth Shoes

My favorite VehiclesEdit


  • Wasabi Oshizushi
  • Wasabi Wildcat MX
  • Wasabi Katana
  • Wulff Enduro
  • Monarch Champ
  • Mohawk Indiana


  • Wasabi Hayato
  • Italia Areto
  • Monarch Trophy Tourer

Snow MachinesEdit

  • Wasabi Yuki
  • Italia Gladiatore


  • Mohawk Freerider
  • Molotov Cutter
  • Voodoo Archeron


  • Wasabi Phoenix
  • Wasabi Eagle
  • Wasabi Inuwashi
  • Ibex Bushfire
  • Mirage Caliano


  • Wombat Typhoon
  • Jester Super BXR
  • Jester Butane
  • Wombat Hurricane
  • Voodoo Sandcutter
  • Jester BB-XS
  • Jester BXR
  • Jester BXS
  • Lunar-Tec Rollcage


  • Mirage 101
  • Wulff GRXii
  • Monarch Tike
  • Wasabi Kimachi
  • Monarch Vestige R

Super carsEdit

  • Patriot P10-XR
  • Ozutsu Blacksun J-GT
  • Monarch GT101
  • Mirage LX7
  • Wulff DT566M
  • Italia Torquemeda
  • Italia Tauromachia

Rally carsEdit

  • Italia Gagliano
  • Italia Cirrus
  • Italia Velocita
  • Unnamed Rallycar
  • Ozutsu Ronin
  • Ozutsu Ronin Mk IV
  • Ozutsu Senpai
  • Patriot Blackfoot
  • Patriot Renegade
  • Patriot V8
  • Patriot Surger
  • Wulff Bolter
  • Wulff Revo
  • Lunar-Tec Weevil

Muscle CarsEdit

  • Voodoo Orbiter
  • Patriot V8-XR
  • Falfer Undertaker
  • Wombat Darkwood
  • Castro Toro
  • Castro Conquistador
  • Patriot Surger
  • Patriot 85
  • Patriot V8

Racing TrucksEdit

  • Springbok Kalahari
  • Patriot Rodeo
  • Springbok Namibia
  • Ozutsu Daimyo
  • Italia Vulcan
  • Castro Robusto
  • Voodoo Ridgetail
  • Voodoo Iguana
  • Castro F80
  • Patriot Wildtrek-X
  • Patriot Riot


  • Patriot Bushwhacker
  • Atlas Peacemaker
  • Atlas Pacifier
  • Monarch Bulldog
  • Jester TK-XL
  • Monarch Claymore
  • Mojave Slugger
  • Mojave Berdino
  • Mojave Globe Trotter
  • Lunar-Tec Asylum
  • Patriot Hoodcruze-R
  • Voodoo Anaconda

Big RigsEdit

  • Nord Viking
  • Patriot 80
  • Molotov Piledriver
  • Molotov Baikal
  • Molotov Drago
  • Atlas Bobtail
  • Atlas Governer
  • Atlas Journeyman
  • Castro Varadero
  • Patriot Thunderchief
  • Patriot Bulkhead

Monster TrucksEdit

  • Atlas M-SUV
  • Voodoo Mastodon
  • Atlas Earthquake
  • Voodoo Thunder Lizard
  • Beelzebuggy Bombadier
  • Patriot Stomper
  • Castro Monstruo
  • Lunar-Tec Yeti
  • Nord Hoser


  • Nord Pioneer
  • Patriot Rhino

Favorite TracksEdit

Monument ValleyEdit

  • Dust Devil
  • The Grizzly
  • The Rockhopper
  • Diamondback Speedway
  • Devil's Crossing
  • The Mudpool
  • Coyote Rage
  • Coyote Revenge

Pacific RiftEdit

The Earth ZoneEdit

  • Kanaloa Bay
  • Sugar Rush
  • Razorback
  • Mudslide

The Air ZoneEdit

  • The Badlands
  • Raingod Spires
  • Caldera Ridge

The Fire ZoneEdit

  • The Rift
  • Paradise Beach

The Water ZoneEdit

  • Riptide
  • Cascade Falls
  • Collosus Canyon


  • Reef Runner
  • Engorged
  • Darkfire swamp
  • Hollowed Earth
  • Brimstone
  • Quicksands

Arctic EdgeEdit

  • Vertigo
  • The Chasm
  • Wolfpack Mountain
  • Log Jam
  • North Face
  • Eagle Falls
  • Mud Bowl


  • Mainline
  • Upper Bohemia
  • Docklands
  • Interstate
  • Downtown
  • Epilogue
  • Prologue


Monument Valley (RC)Edit

  • Grizzly's Den
  • Scrap Heap

Pacific Rift (RC)Edit

  • Ripslide
  • Charred Rock Cafe

Arctic Edge (RC)Edit

  • None Whatsoever

Apocalypse (RC)Edit

  • Roadblock
  • Cargo Hold


New Game ideas: MotorStorm: Return To The Wild or MotorStorm: The Return

DLC: MSRC Pro and Rookie vehicle collection

Earning more badges on this wiki: In progress

Making helpful edits on this wiki: In progress

Assist Dunewolfz: In progress

Assist Chuck1551: In progress

Assist Killercrusher232: In progress

Save the FUEL GAME Wiki: In progress

YouTube vidsEdit

NOTE: None of these are my vids because I do not have a Youtube Account. Look em up plz. But you dont have to but its optional

  • Blink-182 Always 8-bit Remix
  • Fairly odd parents Too many timmys edit
  • Greatest Freakout 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, and 21 Original Video
  • SpongeBob FUN song edited
  • Breakstra- Champ
  • real voodoo doll
  • If the Internet was real
  • 3016 FULL
  • Luckiest people compilation 4
  • Salinas Street fights
  • Blink-182 Always
  • Angels and Airwaves Distraction
  • Guy dances into street and gets hit by an Ice cream truck
  • CKY2K Bam Margera Me have ADD
  • 56k modem remix ( Dial-up tone)
  • Extended Door slam_ Sparta Remix
  • DEEAUGH Sparta Remix
  • This is Patrick Sparta Remix
  • No This is Patrick

My Favorite SongsEdit

Nirvana- Breed Spiritualized-Electricity Pendulum-Slam Curve- Hell above water Primal Scream- Dolls Kings of Leon- Spiral Staircase Lunatic Calm- Leave you far behind Hyper- Hot Rockin' Slipknot- Before I forget The Quemists- Stompbox Primal Scream- Necro Hex Blues Slipknot- Sulfur Pendulum-Tarantul

My Wiki friendsEdit




Johny D the VGNERD






MS6 CrapEdit

This is my mini MS6 Wishlist DO NOT EDIT (Took idea from Dunewolfz and Chuck)

Location: All over Europe or Africa

Game Style: Tour


*NEW* HorsesEdit

  • Palemeano
  • American Standardbred
  • Warhorse
  • Hungarian Halfbred
  • Kentucky Saddler
  • Turkmen


  • Wasabi Oshizushi
  • Wasabi Wildcat MX
  • Wasabi Junior MX
  • Wasabi Katana
  • Wulff Enduro
  • Monarch Champ
  • Mohawk Indiana
  • Wulff Enduro CE

Snow MachinesEdit

  • Wasabi Yuki
  • Italia Gladiatore

Super BikesEdit

  • Wasabi Hayato
  • Wulff DSGR-1
  • Wasabi Twinblade
  • Monarch Trophy Tourer
  • Patriot Pitbull
  • Italia Areto
  • Wakazashi Razor with the MSMV Engine
  • Wasabi Ventura
  • Wulff Expedition
  • Aztec Sabretooth


  • Mohawk Freerider
  • Voodoo Howler
  • Molotov Cutter
  • Voodoo Archeron
  • Mohawk 66
  • Monarch Sparrowhawk
  • Mohawk Montana
  • Mohawk Roadhog
  • Ibex Bushfire


*NEW* Hover CraftsEdit

*NEW* Land SkimmersEdit


  • Wombat Typhoon
  • Voodoo Rattler
  • Jester BXR
  • Jester Super BXR
  • Wombat Hurricane
  • Jester BXS
  • Jester BXR II Concept
  • Voodoo Sandcutter
  • Wombat Beachmaster
  • Humbler Diablo-MSMV Engine
  • Jester Butane
  • Jester Archlite
  • Beelzebuggy Carabid
  • Lunar-Tec Rollcage
  • Humbler Diablo
  • Lunar-Tec Apollo
  • Jester BB-XS

Super minisEdit

  • Mirage 101
  • Wulff GRXii
  • Monarch Tike
  • Italia Strano
  • Lunar-Tec Weevil
  • Mirage Rapide
  • Wasabi Scrapper
  • Monarch Vestige-R
  • Wasabi Kimachi

*NEW* Mud RunnersEdit

  • Beelzebuggy Spaceframe II
  • Beelzebuggy Spaceframe IV
  • Jester SSL-V
  • Jester SSX-IV
  • Jester SSL-II Concept
  • Voodoo Syndicate
  • Voodoo Hellfire
  • Voodoo Eelskin
  • Voodoo Garter
  • Falfer Flashover
  • Patriot Powerhouse

*NEW* Hillclimb CarsEdit

Super CarsEdit

*NEW* Tuner CarsEdit

Rally CarsEdit

Muscle CarsEdit

Racing TrucksEdit

  • Springbok Kalahari
  • Springbok Namibia
  • Springbok Kenya Also known as the unknown Springbok truck
  • Castro Robusto
  • Castro F80
  • Voodoo Ridgetail
  • Voodoo Iguana                    
  • Patriot Wild Trek-X                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Patriot Rodeo
  • Ozutsu Daimyo
  • Ozutsu Takai
  • Ozutsu Ikusa

*NEW* Rock CrawlersEdit

Mud pluggersEdit

  • Monarch Bulldog
  • Monarch Claymore
  • Monarch Drover
  • Atlas Pacifier
  • Atlas Jackhammer
  • Altlas Chowhound
  • Atlas Peacemaker
  • Atlas Varjack
  • Patriot Bushwacker
  • Patriot Hood Cruze-R
  • Mcqueen Adventure
  • Mojave Berdino
  • Mojave Globetrotter
  • Mirage Bastille

Big RigsEdit

  • Nord Viking
  • Nord Jormungand
  •  Nord Kodiak
  • Patriot 80
  • Patriot Bulkhead
  • Patriot Thunderchief
  • Molotov Drago
  • Molotov Uradna 66
  • Molotov Shelka
  • Molotov Baikal
  • Molotov Cacausus
  • Molotov Piledriver
  • Castro Varadero
  • Atlas Journeyman
  • Atlas Bobtail
  • Atlas Governer
  • Atlas Arizona with the MSMV
  • Lunar-Tec Invader
  • Monarch Backpacker

*NEW* Snow MonstersEdit

Snow CatsEdit

  • Nord Pioneer
  • Patriot Rhino

Monster TrucksEdit

Trophy Unlocked VehiclesEdit

New EventsEdit

  • Rally
  • Rally Raid
  • Rally Cross
  • Drag Racing
  • Landrush
  • Trailblazer
  • Free roam
  • Hill Climb

Vehicle Engines and HornsEdit

  • Bikes MSMV Engine with MSPR Horn
  • ATVS MSPR Engine and MSPR Horn
  • Choppers MSA Engine and MSPR Bike Horn
  • Super bikes MSA Engine and MSMV Bike Horn
  • Snow Machines MSPR Bike engine and MSMV Bike Horn
  • Land Skimmers MSMV ATV Engine and MSPR ATV Horn
  • Buggies MSPR Engine and MSPR Horn
  • SuperMinis MSA Engine and MSMV Buggy Horn
  • Supercars MSA Engine and MSMV Rally Car Horn
  • Tuner Cars MSMV Rallycar Engine and MSMV Rallycar Horn
  • Hillclimb Cars MSPR Rallycar Engine and MSPR Rallycar horn
  • Rally cars MSMV Engine and MSMV Horn
  • Mud Runners Dragster engine with MSMV Mudplugger Horn
  • Muscle Cars MSA Engine and MSPR Mudplugger Horn
  • Racing Trucks MSPR Engine and MSMV Horn
  • Rock Crawlers MSA Mudplugger Engine and This: NOTE: Skip to 6:10
  • Mud Pluggers MSMV Engine and MSMV Horn
  • Big Rigs MSMV Engine and MSPR Horn
  • Monster Trucks MSPR Engine and MSPR Horn
  • Snowcats MSAE Engine and Train Horn
  • Snow Monsters MSA Monster Truck Engine and French Police car syren


Like Pacific Rift, MotorStorm 6 has zones. One example track for each zone can be found here.

Hydro ZoneEditEdit

"Water, the Hydro Zone's specialty. It may be awe-inspiring, but the currents, riptides, and waterfalls will make wet hair the least of your worries."

  • This zone is largely dependent on the vast amounts of water seen on or near coastlines, rivers, and stuff of that nature. Loose sand beaches, palm trees, and beached ships are also fairly common here.

Earth ZoneEditEdit

"Jungles, quicksand, mud, and water; a recipe for disaster and allure. Remember, it might be breathtaking, but it will take more than your breath if you aren't careful. "

  • This zone contains dense jungles, thick mud, quicksand, and the occasional water spring or abandoned building. Tar pits are somewhat common here.

Mountain ZoneEditEdit

"Where the air is thin and the the views are breathtaking, the mountains dictate how things work around here. Snow covered summits, steep hills, cliffs, massive jumps and glacial crevasses are a commonplace here. Here's one piece of advice: Watch Out Below."'

  • The Mountain Zone takes place throughout Africa's aptly-named Kill-a-man-jaro. This zone is very similar to the Air zone in MSPR or the entirety of Arctic Edge. Due to the altitude and sheer coldness, your boost gauge rises much more slowly than in typical situations.

Fire ZoneEditEdit

"Mother Nature, they weren't kidding when they said she was a cruel mistress, unleashed hell upon these once thriving lands. Now the landscape is dominated by volcanoes, fire, and lava."

  • This zone contains scorched forests, lava, active volcanoes, wildfires, volcanic fissures and other fire-related things.

Industrial ZoneEditEdit

"A once booming city that has been forgotten because of a long drought that struck long ago. Roof-top races, narrow alleyways, and slick sewers are the name of the game here. The streets that have once been forgotten are now home to a new breed of animal, the MotorStormers."

  • This zone has booming cities, highways, sewers, roof-races, factories, and of course, golf courses along with Airports and Speedways. Most of the cities within the Industrial Zone are no longer being used, but are in a good enough condition to not consider them abandoned. If you are racing on the roof of a building during a thunderstorm, there is a small chance that your vehicle will either be struck by lightning or a St. Elmo's fire will occur. Tar pits spawn rarely in the road, especially when a "heat wave" is set. Tar slows any class also has a Mainline (Which technically is the sewer)

Savanna ZoneEditEdit

"Shhh, quiet. Observe the MotorStormer in its natural habitat, what an interesting specimen! Oh, it appears to COMING STRAIGHT AT US!... You see it on TV all the time, the vast expanses of grasslands filled to the brim with predators. Well, the apex predators have some new competition, and they're even wilder."

  • This zone has large expanses of Savanna as far as the eye can see. Trees, canyons, tour trails, and lots of tall grass are all seen within the Savanna Zone.

Underground ZoneEditEdit

"'Carved from lava which coursed through the Earth's veins many moons ago, hidden deep within the bowels of the Earth, the Underground Zone is home to all things that Mother Nature did not want anyone to lay their eyes upon. Stalactites, stalagmites, and massive bottomless pits are common here, so watch where you drive!"

  • This zone is completely underground, meaning that the vast majority of the tracks take place deep within the Earth, in caves, empty lava tubes, and mineshafts. The lack of any sunlight means that headlights are the only means of light down here. Water here take-no-prisoners, almost all water is either too swift to drive through or too deep. All vehicles' headlights are equally effective.

Desert ZoneEditEdit

"Imagine this if you will, the sun baking the ground like an egg in a skillet, the ground being covered with nothing but sand, and no water. The Desert is like your first High School crush, you may like her, but she hates you. That is the Desert Zone, unrelenting, unforgiving, and uncaring."

  • The Desert Zone contains massive, loose sand dunes, a burning sun, and worst of all, dust storms. The Desert is home to abandoned African villages and incredibly rare oases. Due to the high heat, your boost gauge rises much faster than in typical situations. There are also the possibility of mirages, which typically lead the player far off course in a futile attempt to get water.

Relic ZoneEditEdit

"Built by the ancient civilization that once lived here, the ruins seen here today offer many thrills and hidden secrets still unknown to men with any degree of common sense. Renovations began long ago, but have since haulted and lie in severe disrepair after an active lava flow was discovered underneath the ruins, giving the MotorStorm crew a chance to... redecorate.

  • The Relic Zone takes place in a throughout an ancient civilization's ruins. The ruins have numerous hazards, such as weak scaffolding, pitch black tunnels, shoddy construction work that could fail if a feather were to touch it, and the ever-so-real potential for the entire thing to collapse. The Relic Zone also has numerous secret passageways that can be busted down as well as a hidden lava flow that travels underneath which can be fallen into because some of the flooring within the ruins can break apart, leaving a gaping pit for any unsuspecting drivers to fall into. Tar pits spawn rarely.

Acidic ZoneEditEdit

Did you know sulfuric acid isn't the best thing to drive through? Well, if you didn't you probably ought to since you're heading into the Acidic Zone. The combination of lakes filled to the brim with every acid you can possibly imagine and the massive upheavals of poisonous smoke make for a terrifyingly magnifcent deathtrap of a landscape. Anyone with even the slightest amount of common sense would stay their distance, but of course common sense is the one thing MotorStormers lack...

  • The Acidic Zone contains numerous acid lakes, which if touched, will basically destroy your vehicle in a matter of seconds. The acid is not nearly as dangerous as lava; the acid can be driven through but the boost gauge rises very quickly. Acid will completely wreck your vehicle in 10 seconds regardless of class. Thick smoke makes visibilty poor. Solidifed acid can be driven on and has the same properties as thick mud. This acid volcano is much like what is described here.

Country ZoneEditEdit

Welcome to the Country Zone, where the Wild West collides with the desert. Here lies your daily dose of heat, shrubbery, rolling hills, and drought. It may look barren, but Mother Nature has collaborated with the devil himself to make sure you don't leave here without a couple nicks and dings. Make you slather on the sunscreen and pack plenty of radiator coolant, you're off the the County Zone!

  • The Country Zone takes place in the Chaparral of South Africa. There is no water here and the thick shrubbery is really the only thing there is to see. There are plenty of large hills and drop-offs to gain some air off of though.

The Festival ZoneEditEdit

Smell that? That gasoline-and-firecracker smell? Yeah, welcome to the Festival Zone. You've got the hodgepodge of everything MotorStorm here, and it makes for quite the race. Don't worry, everyone clears out when the race starts, so ripping a hole through your friend's tent is perfectly fine (with us at least). Just you wait until the day turns night, that's when it starts to get crazy...

  • The Festival Zone takes place within the actual Festival Campgrounds. There is a little bit of everything here, from massive drop offs to small cave systems. You race through the campgrounds of the Festival, you can drive through tents, bleachers, etc.

Freeway ZoneEdit

"This once abandoned freeway was a popular route to the industrial zone but then was abandoned when the Drought struck the Industrial Zone and The Freeway Zone" 

  • This masive freeway system is one hell of  place to race, Be sure not to get lost on the off ramps as it will send you to the Industrial Zone or the Nuclear Power Plant Zone or even the Shipping yard zone 
  • Supercars, Muscle cars, Rally cars, Superminis, Hill climb cars, Racing trucks, Super bikes, Choppers, Rally cars, and Big rigs have their strength here due to these classes' top speeds
  • Supercars: They technically can't be stopped on the big-ass straights
  • Muscle cars: These things are technically supercars but have better boost acceleration and are made for the straight-aways
  • Superminis: Some of the loops can get really technical and these things can take the inside of the turns and take first
  • Hill climb cars: These things are technically the Supercars of the off-road and some of the freeway was under construction
  • Big rigs: They take time to get up to speed but once you do you'll easily take every one on
  • Super bikes: Same thing as Super cars
  • Choppers: Same thing as Muscle cars
  • Tuner cars: They technically have the best boost speed and aceceleration because these things are technically front wheel drive shopping carts with a huge nitrous system
  • Rally cars: Same advantage as the Hillclimb cars and Superminis
  • Racing trucks: All rounded

Nuclear Powerplant ZoneEdit

" Back at 1976 the Nuclear Powerplant had a meltdown within a cooling tower ordering a massive evacuation due to the severity of the meltdown multiple cooling towers blew up resulting in the power plant being abandoned"

  • This massive Power Plant Station has tons of radiation in the air so be sure to pack a hazmat suit unless you want to die of radiation poisoning 

Shipping Yard ZoneEdit

The main shipping yard was abandoned due to a big thunder and lightning storm but some of the harbours are still in commision"

  • Be cautious the gantry cranes there in the harbours that are still in commision and sometimes can come at you from behind if you're driving on the rails the cranes follow and also, they can drop containers on you if your driving on the container stacks
  • Tuner cars and Muscle cars and SuperMinis have their strength in this zone for their ability to drift and there is also a lot of corners so it is a drifters' pardise
  • Tuner cars: They are the best way to drift around those really sharp turns
  • Muscle cars: Though they can drift you must use the hand brake to get around the corners
  • SuperMinis: Since these things are so small they can easily fit into extremely small spaces

The Quarry ZoneEdit

"The Quarry in this zone was abandoned back in 1991 after a flood in the main quarry but some of the quarries in the place are still active"

  • Watchout for mining trucks, they can chase you if you get in the way or lookout for bucket wheel excavators because if you get to close to them the land could give in or you could get scooped up by the bucket wheel
  • In the pit mines be sure to lookout for cliffs as they could collapse and you could fall to your doom or there is some of them that have been flooded by rain and if you're driving anything lighter/ heavier than a hover craft then you're dead
  • Rock crawlers, Monster trucks, Buggies, Mudpluggers, Bikes, ATVs, and Hover crafts have their strengths here
  • Hover crafts: Since most of the quarries in the main quarry are flooded so if you take an improvizer route which is to jump into the water you won't sink you'll float... obviously
  • Rock crawlers: Since some of the other improviser routes (Shortcuts) through the strip mines are really rocky you can easily go through the shortcut and bam! you'll end up in the lead
  • Mudpluggers: Though a few of the quarries were flooded some of them have been drained so head for the mud but be cautious some of the cliffs could give in if even an ant stepped on it
  • Buggies: Like the Super minis you'd  be able to fit into small spaces to avoid the larger opposition
  • Bikes: Same advantage as Buggies
  • ATVs: Same advantage as the Bikes, and Buggies
  • Monster Trucks: They have the same advantages like the Rock crawlers and the Mudpluggers but you can get stuff around you to cave in so You'll be able to win easily


  •  Tornado Warning for Industrial Zone and Freeway Zone- Sky is dark , Since it is a warning and the City and Freway is abandoned it has an outdated  Warning Siren System multiple Thunderbolt 100Ts can be heard in the distance
  • Rain any zones excluding the fire zones and underground zone- Cools the boost gauge quicker
  • Snow only in the Mountain Zone- Cools the boost but not as quickly as rain 
  • Hail for Industrial Zone, Freeway Zone, and Nuclear Power Plant Zone and Mountain Zone- Weakens the vehicles but doesen't wreck your vehicle alone
  • Thunder and Lightning Storm- All zones excluding Underground Zone
  • Clear Skies everywhere excluding underground zone- No effect 
  • Acidic Rain- Acid Zone- Same effect as hail but looks like green tinted rain
  • Monsoon- Water Zone, Industrial Zone, Freeway Zone -Cools the boost gauge faster but slows vehicle down despite the heavy rain
  • Geometric Heat- Underground, Nuclear Powerplant zone, and Relic Zone
  • Blizzard- Mountain Zone, Same Effect as the Monsoon 
  • Overcast, All exept underground zone no effect though sky is grey 

Trophy Unlocked DriversEdit

  • Kat:  (Gravity Rush) Unlocked after your first race in the Industrial Zone
  • Boba Fett: unlocked after your first race in the Mountain Zone
  • Jango Fett: Same thing for Boba Fett
  • John Marston: Unlocked after winning all of the events in the Country Zone
  • Mario: Unlocked after making a big jump
  • Wonder Woman: Unlocked after surviving a race during a lightining storm
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