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The seven vehicle classes of the original MotorStorm.

Vehicles in the MotorStorm series are divided into classification groups, or classes for short. Each class of vehicle has their own innate upsides and downsides, which increases the variety of the racing in MotorStorm.

Original vehicle classes[]

The original seven classes featured in MotorStorm; each possessing extremely noticable differences from the others, which may either aid or hurt one's personal racing tactics.

Introduced in Pacific Rift[]

Pacific Rift introduced a single new vehicle class, the Monster Trucks.

Arctic Edge-exclusive[]

Arctic Edge introduced individual vehicle stats, where each individual vehicle within a class possessed its own unique set of stats. The last vehicle unlocked within a class always had the overall best stats of the three within that given class.

Introduced in Apocalypse[]

Apocalypse introduced general vehicle stats that denote the strong and weak performance areas of each class. However, the vast majority of the vehicle stats are now severely outdated due to major content updates such as the Afterparty. The most notable class update being the ATVs' performance update, which made it a much more viable option than it previously was.

Unusable vehicles[]

Unusable vehicles include military vehicles that appear in every game, as well as other stationary or wrecked vehicles found around various tracks or in cutscenes.