MSA Voodoo Ridgetail carrier
The Voodoo Ridgetail is a racing truck in MotorStorm: Apocalypse. It is a fully-fledged tubular chassis racing truck. Its entire rear frame, as well as its rear axle and fuel tank, are visible while driving. Its rear roll cage can also be changed, dramatically altering the appearance. To unlock this vehicle, part challenges must be completed with the Patriot Wildtrek-X during online gameplay.


The Ridgetail is inspired by the SCORE trophy trucks.

In real life, the Voodoo Ridgetail would be classified as a Trophy Truck, or a similar class of racing vehicles. Unlike most real-life trophy trucks, the stock Ridgetail actually has a front bumper panel - most Trophy Trucks have some sort of crash guard in its place. However, you can replace this bumper with a Trophy Truck crash guard as one of the customization options.


  • The Ridgetail also appears as an RC racing truck in MotorStorm RC.
  • This vehicle can have its roll cage customized with 4 variations; however, the third and fourth versions are unlocked via wrecking, making them rarely seen online. (see gallery below)
  • The Ridgetail can be customised to slightly resemble the Springbok Kalahari, albeit more flat and wide.
  • Mash drives this vehicle in Mainline: "Off The Rails" and Skyline: "Aces High".