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The Wombat Typhoon is a Buggy seen throughout, and even outside of, the MotorStorm franchise. This buggy seems to be among some of the most easily recognized vehicles in the series, having appeared in every instalment, as well as being on the cover of every game and the original 2005 E3 trailer. This buggy is also one of the most popular and iconic vehicles in the series. It was first available in the original MotorStorm, is unlockable in Pacific Rift, and appears yet again in Apocalypse, as the first available Buggy. It is also available in the games for handheld consoles - Arctic Edge and RC.



The Typhoon is one of the default Buggies in MotorStorm, alongside the Beelzebuggy Carabid.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift[]

The Typhoon is obtained by achieving the "Hire Me" Trophy, requiring the player to beat every ghost in Time Attack.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge[]

In Arctic Edge, the Typhoon is the reward vehicle for placing 1st in the "Spring Loaded" Invitational event, in Rank 6 of the Festival. This also makes it the final vehicle unlocked through gameplay.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse[]

The Typhoon is the default Buggy in Apocalypse; the player may complete two Level 3 Part Challenges with it to unlock the Voodoo Sandcutter.


The Wombat Typhoon's body shell is based on a Meyers Manx Buggy, with a side and frontal profile that, not counting the front headlights on the real machine, are matched almost 1:1. The Typhoon's suspension is, however, significantly modified, lifted and fitted with chunkier tires suited to the rough nature of MotorStorm racing. The light pod at the front is identical to a few of the SCORE Class 10 buggies competing in the Baja 1000, specifically one driven by the Hutchins family.

Customizable parts[]

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge[]

  • Lights
  • Wheels (and colour)
  • Framework (colour only)
  • Root Item
  • Suspension (colour only)
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Exhaust
  • Sponsor stickers (7 slots)
  • Bonus livery/liveries: Yes

MotorStorm: Apocalypse[]


  • Wheels
  • Front Bull Bar
  • Headlights
  • Bonnet
  • Front Window
  • Mirrors
  • Spotlights
  • Roof
  • Roof Rack
  • Tail-Lights
  • Exhaust System
  • Rear Bull Bar


  • Artwork (1 slot)
  • Sponsor stickers (6 slots)

In Driveclub[]

Driveclub Wombat Typhoon replay 1.jpg
Driveclub Wombat Typhoon replay 2.jpg

On March 16th 2015, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released screenshots showcasing the replay mode of Evolution Studios' PlayStation 4 title Driveclub. The Typhoon is featured in these screenshots.[1]

The Typhoon was added to the game in full as a free downloadable content vehicle on April 1st (April Fools' Day).[2] Unlike the other vehicles in the game, the Typhoon is not subject to penalties for corner cutting, off-road driving, or contact, and it even has a boost feature.[3]


DRIVECLUB Special MotorStorm Buggy


  • This is the only vehicle in the E3 2005 trailer that appears exactly the same as it does in-game. It has also appeared in the E3 trailer of the second game, where it gets run over by a Voodoo Mastadon monster truck. It also can be seen in the Arctic Edge trailer, as well as at the end of the teaser for Apocalypse, where it knocks down Muerte.
  • During Mash's Prologue, a Wombat Typhoon serves as the designated "Chase Buggy" with red flashing service lights mounted on top (unfortunately, this part is not available in Customization).
    • The Chase Buggy uses "rubber-banding", so that the player is unable to overtake it; the closer the player is to it, the faster it goes.
    • It is actually possible to catch up to it; however, doing so is completely up to chance, and the player has to hope that it manages to crash. Should it crash, it will remain static for the rest of the prologue, and cannot be wrecked. Interestingly, most likely to make it more difficult to catch up to it, it produces its own fire effect to heat up the player's engine.
    • The Chase Buggy seems to be the only vehicle in the game with functional service lights.
  • Mash uses this vehicle in his first Festival race, in Upper Bohemia: "Welcome to the Neighbourhood".
  • In Arctic Edge, the Typhoon could be customized with an oversized spoiler wing and exhaust options completely different from those in Apocalypse.
  • The Typhoon bears a striking resemblance to the Zero G buggy from the rival videogame FUEL.
  • The final rear bumper option for the Typhoon in Apocalypse strongly resembles one of the available rear bumper bull bars for the Monarch GT101.
  • A spaceframe chassis of this vehicle appears at the side of the track Cargo Hold.
  • In concept art, Festival Cinematics and other media, the Typhoon always has a V4 engine. However, in-game it always has a Flat 4 engine. (Like every other buggy except the Beelzebuggy Spaceframe II, which has a V8 engine.)
  • Although it hasn't been officially confirmed, the Typhoon may have been one of, if not THE first vehicle that was ever designed by the developers during early production of the original MotorStorm. Evidence of this is the fact that it's in almost every piece of even the earliest concept art from the original MotorStorm, and also the fact that it has appeared in every game in the series to date, as well as every game box art.
    • This may also mean that the Typhoon is somewhat of a "developer favourite" in the studio.
  • Technically, the Typhoon doesn't carry any liveries over from MotorStorm to Pacific Rift. Although you can still use the standard yellow livery in the latter, it has changed slightly in the sense that the tubing is now an olive green rather than the standard grey metal like in the first game.
  • The "Spark Leads" livery actually changes from MotorStorm to Pacific Rift. In the original game where it was an AI only livery, the livery is clean and new looking. However in Pacific Rift, the livery has been made usable, but it has now been given a 'rusted out' kind of look to it.
  • The Typhoon is featured in the artwork of the "Buggy" Festival Card (#109).
  • In Pacific Rift, Lucky Jack Flynn (yellow/olive livery), Chunky Baxter (red/yellow livery) and Anneleisa Moosbrugger ("Spark Leads" livery) are the AI Characters that are seen driving this vehicle.
  • On the box art for Arctic Edge, the Typhoon features side lights that are not seen in any game or any other media where the Typhoon is displayed (not even in the actual Arctic Edge game).
  • Also in Arctic Edge, the Typhoon only has 3 spotlights on the roof rack instead of 4.
    • Furthermore, it also lacks the rear section of the roof rack, meaning the roof item is just resting on top of the canvas roof.