A default Wulff Bolter.

The Wulff Bolter is a Rally Car in MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, and MotorStorm RC. Large accessories at the front of the vehicle are its defining feature, whether it be light pods or a massive spoiler.


MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Edit

In Arctic Edge, it is unlocked by ranking up in the Festival.

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit

In Apocalypse, the Botler is the default Rally Car available for players to use online; completing two Level 3 Part Challenges with it will unlock the Italia Cirrus.

MotorStorm RC Edit

The Bolter is the second Rally Car made available in the game; it is unlocked by ranking up in the Festival.

Customisation partsEdit

MotorStorm: Arctic EdgeEdit

  • Lights
  • Front Bumper (incl. colour)
  • Wheels (incl. colour)
  • Rear Spoiler (incl. colour)
  • Sponsor stickers (14 slots)
  • Bonus livery: Yes

MotorStorm: ApocalypseEdit


  • Wheels
  • Front Spoiler
  • Front Bumper
  • Headlights
  • Grille
  • Bonnet
  • Front Windows
  • Mirrors
  • Roll Cage
  • Roof Scoop
  • Rear Wings
  • Rear Windows
  • Boot
  • Tail-Lights
  • Boot Panel
  • Rear Bumper


  • Artwork (1 slot)
  • Sponsor stickers (10 slots)


The Wulff Bolter seems to be inspired by the Audi Sport Quattro Group B Rally Car, especially in Pikes Peak configuration. This can be further proven by the fact that the default livery for this vehicle in both Arctic Edge and Apocalypse strongly resemble the liveries of the Audi Quattro A1 Group B car, most likely a reference made by the developers.


  • Dice drives this car in the Docklands.
  • In Arctic Edge, the Bolter has light pod options that were not available for its Apocalypse incarnation.
  • The Bolter's engine is mounted under the front bonnet in Apocalypse, whereas in Arctic Edge, it is instead rear-mid-engined.
  • "Wulff" is erroneously spelled with one "f" instead of two in the Arctic Edge vehicle selection screen.


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